Intolerant Politicians

As a public servant, isn’t it one’s job to listen to all constituents in their community? In the case of the anti-GMO politicians, they are quick to ban and censor criticism. I’ve been banned by Rep. Kaniela Ing, Sen. Russell Ruderman, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Kauai County Councilmember Gary Hooser, and now Sen. Josh Green. There is no tolerance for dissent in these circles and in the current environmental movement.

What gets me irate is how those claiming to represent the community only selectively listens to certain people, the loud squeaky wheels. I’ve even had a conversation with a candidate, Scot Matayoshi, about agriculture and fishing issues, only to be left with no response. This person is running for office in my area and won’t even return emails to a potential constituent is very troubling. In mailers and fliers, he’s asking to represent Kaneohe-Kailua but doesn’t even respond back after telling me to send him info on my concerns. There is questionable integrity when people do not follow through on their word.

I’m thoroughly disillusioned by politicians who claim support an issue but then on record vote otherwise. If one actually is honest, they’d act in a fair and reasonable manner. In political circles, it’s smile in your face then stab you in the back. It’s also likely why Hawaii has a terrible voting numbers because the public is disgusted by what’s happening.

Just a few months ago, it was announced that 2 more people were diagnosed with rat lungworm disease and climate change may increase the risks. Not only do we have that, but preventable diseases like mumps cases continue to increase to 1000 as of July 5.

I would’ve thought that Sen. Josh Green as a medical doctor would bring attention to this public health problem. He himself has photos of being vaccinated but doesn’t even mention much about this? Why? I bet that being openly supportive about vaccinations will leave his anti-GMO supporters confused.

Then again, this man has used the autistic community as his main cause. He’s told people that it’s pesticides leading to this condition. Instead of saying vaccines, he’s turned the focus to pesticides. Forget any facts that farming families don’t have higher rates of autism but he’s been plastering his social media about protecting the aina from “toxic pesticides.”

I have to laugh because he was quoted in a news story that the Department of Health better be spraying schools for mosquitoes when dengue fever broke out. Now wait just a second. This man wants no farmers spraying pesticides but he’s fine with spraying pesticides in the schools itself?! Mosquito sprays aren’t water and will kill things but that’s acceptable?

I’d love the day when he stands up for the evidence and actually educates the anti-GMO/vaccine folks. It would be awesome to see him post the fact that vaccines don’t cause autism. I know I’ll never see that because it would cause major cognitive dissonance in his supporters. He’d be eaten alive by the anti-vaccine folks brutally with a post like that. Then again, he will just block them.

It’s sad that a medical doctor had decided to participate in misinformation. He also blatantly ignores the resurgence of mumps that is indeed a public health threat or the poverty that hits his own county. He is a medical doctor who took an oath to do no harm. By not being truthful to the public, he is part of chemophobia campaigns that is contributing to rat lungworm disease when people ignore the utility of pesticides.

As I drive around seeing his signs on people’s yards, I can’t help but feel sad that they want this candidate on office. He represents a Hawaii run by outside influences coming via non-profit lobbying that has no transparency. With his participation with the Center for Food Safety, Sen. Green stands with people who deny technology in agriculture to the world and even blocks the Thirty Meter Telescope. (What does food safety have to do with a telescope is beyond me!)

If he gets into office, I’m fearful for what the future holds. He doesn’t represent the local people. He’s representing a Washington, DC special interest group. He’s almost like the Dr. Oz of Hawaii.

Sen. Green openly lying that I’m a shill.

The environmental movement in Hawaii is leading to many unintended consequences when science is rejected. Go organic they say and that leads to anti-GMO, anti-vax, which turns into suffering. Those same organic touters are printing flyers on non-recyclable glossy paper using corporate derived inks. Hypocrites stating that they care for the environment but are filling landfills with wasteful, non-organic paper products.

I know the last mailer I got is going straight to the garbage dump to turn to power when burned up.

Intolerance runs rampant in politics and it absolutely disgusts me. Matt LoPresti is yet another intolerant politician. His opponent is our long time supporter, Alicia Maluafiti, is running against him this election.

He’s been going around stealing signs of his opponents before but is now resorting to sending Babes Against Biotech activists to community events set up by his opponent.

This event happened at 5:36 pm and shortly after, he posts a picture with Jessica Mitchell.

He claims that she was kicked out of the event ignoring the fact that she was being very rude and obnoxious. This is not her first time acting like this. She left a racist message on Senator Clarence Nishihara’s voicemail before. On top of that, she was involved with a confrontation with Nalo Farms’ Dean Okimoto when she was verbally attacking a fellow farmer, Shin Ho.

I somehow doubt she realized how shameful her behavior is because it’s celebrated by LoPresti’s followers. They can’t be civil because they operate from emotion. Both LoPresti and Mitchell claim to hate GMOs but are always wearing, eating, and driving it.

While the Babes Against Biotech claimed to be sustainable, it’s clear that they aren’t. Nomi Carmona, their leader, isn’t flaunting short skirts at ag hearings and smoking anymore. Maybe they’ve realized their hypocrisy.

Shin Ho is still farming and so are we. Thousands continue to enjoy what we grow and seeing fields instead of hotels. This election needs reasonable people supporting farms if we are to feed our communities. The ag community deserves support and show it in your vote!


Farm Fair 2018

This weekend was the 56th Annual Hawaii State Farm Fair at Kualoa Ranch. Once again, we spent the whole weekend working it. We didn’t sell our papayas but donated it to be sold in the Farm Bureau ag tent. We passed out thousands of samples to many families.

As always, we get hit with anti-GMO activists here and there. This farm fair was a bit more prevalent than the last 2 years, which was odd. We had one lady drooling when she saw the slices of papaya, but then abruptly changed her mind when she saw the dreaded “GMO Story” on our booklet. While she rejected it, half a dozen little kids were chomping down on papaya. A few minutes later, she came back and took a slice and ate it to the skin.

Several other people saw the papayas asked if it was GMO. When we told them they were, they weren’t even nice and said, “I don’t want it then.” These folks did this in front of their kids displaying no manners. It was quite irritating. Other realized it was modified but thanks to photos of diseased fruit posted, I was able to start a conversation about it. Others were curious to learn the story joined in and asked questions.

I had many people saying that they thought GMO is dangerous. I asked them why and most could not articulate a reason other than saying they read it somewhere. Many of these folks were teachable and willing to learn. They simply lacked critical thinking skills and did not know how to find good information.

I did get the GMOs means pesticide bit too but easily walked them out through photos. It helped that the Department of Ag had a contest that made people seek out answers of the farming booths. By presenting a question, many did not know where to find the info. Great learning experiences happened through that.

I have to say that it wasn’t a surprise that the rejector of GM papaya went right to the food trucks. There were no organic food serving trucks and has never been at the fair ever. These folks think a fried lumpia is better than a slice of fresh papaya. Many were also wearing cotton clothes while saying no to GMO.

Several who expressed being afraid of pesticides had dyed hair and covered in tattoos. They inject synthetic inks into skin and apply it in their hair but fear Roundup. I’m simply amazed and saddened by the level of ignorance in people.

Politicians even came by to talk story. I reminded them that ag needs support in words and action, not pandering to the loudest activists. We need facts and more science to adapt to climate change or face devastation. We need tools to sustain us, no fear mongering attacks seeking to remove options. They nodded in agreement and hopefully will pull through but I have my doubts.

Despite the few rude anti-GMO activists, learning was happening this weekend. I’ve realized that those who tend to know the least but avoid GMOs are victims of heavy handed fear mongering campaigns. They’ve been deceived by what they read on the internet. All we can do is treat them fairly even though they cannot do the same.

Many people learned our story and why the technology is needed. They saw pictures of the disease and how farmers are hurt by it. The reasonable person can learn our story and hopefully share it with others to combat the fear against the very farmers they rely upon.

Hawaii cannot afford to be manipulated by outside influences. If farmers are to be successful, we need communities on board with our work. There is land to be cultivated and we need the people and communities supporting us.

If you want local food, you got to be supporting those who are working towards that goal.