Flirting with Disaster

Let’s go back in time to the beginnings of the anti-GMO movement some 10 years ago. Remember when people came out of the woodwork to the Hawaii State Legislature claiming that politicians needed to protect the public against GMOs? It all started with a manipulation of the public by using fake news and fear that sounds all too familiar.

So many were fooled into believing that sites like Green Med Info, GMO Justice Coalition, Center for Food Safety, were all posing as legitimate information prveyors to the unsuspecting masses. The public would call legislators demanding that protections were needed in the form of labeling and banning. Forget the fact that trillions of meals were consumed with little evidence of harm, the anti-GMO activists were determined to get their way ignoring all of the evidence while creating lots of fake “evidence.”

Not only did the activists use fake news and fake sites to manipulate but they also casted a large cloud of doubt upon the regulatory agencies like the FDA and EPA. The public was told that the government agencies that regulated biotech products were not trustworthy without even knowing the process at all. People were led to believe that they were involved in some devious collusion. No activist ever bothered to teach people how the agencies approve products but closed the door by simply saying don’t trust them.

Opportunistic politicians decided to jump on board to this movement to ignore the scientific evidence too to seize upon popular opinion. They wanted to show the public that they were there to protect them. These supposed leaders fueled doubt within the very government that they were in charge of. The message basically was that, “I help run the government that you cannot trust.”

The activists and the politicians were successful in creating global furor that block innovations in its tracks. For years the media was complicit in fueling the rejection of scientific evidence. Poorly vetted stories and pseudoexperts like the Food Babe and Dr. Oz were placed in the spotlight feeding unfounded claims to a poorly educated audience.

So where has that led to after all of these years? We have lost some 435,000 Americans in this pandemic with 25 million cases. We have a deeply divided society with mass confusion as to what we should believe. It doesn’t appear to be getting any better given the latest news of new mutant viruses being found.

It should be of no surprise that a recent Star Advertiser poll found that only 50% plan on taking the covid vaccines. This should not be a shocker given the anti-vaccine campaigns that lead to a resurgence of measles globally and domestically also. It is becoming clearer that rejecting the scientific evidence comes with many unintended consequences.

Let’s think back to how things could’ve been different had we got a good handle on using evidence to base our policies upon. If the political leadership had weighed the facts to decide if labeling was truly needed, we’d probably have more faith in the regulatory agencies. When the politicians decided to create doubt, that sane doubt has remained through this pandemic. Few trust the CDC and FDA or even our own Department of Health at a time where we need to have centralized information being put forth.

Had we stopped giving anti-vaccine activists a stage at political forums, we may have less hesitancy with vaccines and less fear. The politicians gave them the stage to sputter fear and factless claims over and over again. The public was listening and started to believe that the shot is worse than the effects of COVID, which is absurd to me as a healthcare worker.

A poorly educated public, access to a wide array of websites, distrust in government, and too many not using critical thinking skills have led us down this deadly path in this pandemic. People are dying and some still refuse to wear a mask. We even have very selfish-minded people claiming that “my body, my choice” is better than taking a vaccine to protect others in the community. Our own Department of Education Superintendent Kishimoto is repeating that same anti-vaccination sentiment to the public, despite the fact that all public school kids must be vaccinated before attending class. The leadership is still not much more educated than the general public right now. Herein lies a problem.

As an elected leader, it is of utmost importance to lead with facts. By following the science, we can hopefully come to a point of agreement of the direction we must choose. If one uses deceit while knowing the truth, the public will pay for the consequences eventually. I so appreciate that my State Senator, Jarrett Keohokalohe, has helped my community get vaccinated by sharing information on the clinic that started this week. The message that sends to the public is a vaccination is just one step towards ending this pandemic. I have not once heard him state something contrary to the scientific evidence or repeat catchy phrases used by the science polluters. He is leading and informing the masses.

As I sat at the Windward Comprehensive Vaccination clinic this past week getting my 90 year old neighbor vaccinated, I got a bit teary eyed seeing so many seniors in my community getting their first shots. My neighbor joked that the entire Kaneohe community was there that day. I also overheard many of them saying they choose to get the shot to protect the rest of their family and loved ones. Yes, their body, their choice to protect others. These folks were listening to the scientific evidence and acting upon it.

There were no protesters around trying to deter people from doing this. It was my community willing doing their part to protect everyone around them. We were together to help save lives and follow the evidence towards a greater good.

We are living during a pandemic and that is why we must choose SCIENCE now!

The line to check in.
The waiting area was filled with vaccinated seniors.
My dad got his first vaccination from the Windward Health Comprehensive Clinic too.
Right after I took my neighbor for her shot, I received my second Pfizer dose.

My Body, My Choice Part 2

Today I received my second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at 2:10 pm HST.

1/26/21 7:20 pm

My arm is a bit achy and heavy feeling. My appetite is a bit down from feeling a little bit tired. It might just be from running around to get my neighbor vaccinated and going to the market. No fevers.

8 hours since receiving the second dose:

No fever but nausea and headache. Arm is sore. Feeling a bit wiped out. Took 2 extra strength Tylenols with some relief in arm pain.

I know this is nothing compared to a full blown COVID infection.

20 hours post second dose:

Tylenol is working. No arm pain and nausea is gone. Feel a bit tired but not bad that I can’t work.

26 hours post Pfizer covid vaccine:

No more nausea. Mild arm ache with movement at the shoulder. Feeling some fatigue this afternoon. Still no appetite but I forced myself to eat a little.

56 hours post dose 2 of Pfizer:

No more nausea and appetite is back. Arm is only sore with movement. Fatigue is very mild.


Like so many others in healthcare, I have been patiently waiting to get vaccinated against COVID-19. I had no doubt in my mind to pass this opportunity by. We are in the midst of a pandemic where over 350,000 lives have been lost. That is a heartbreaking number to realize the amount of human loss in less than a year.

I have been advocating for science for a very long time and I will not stop. Science is a process to help us figure out things and solve problems. It is how we are going to get out of this pandemic and get life back to normal.

To help alleviate fear or hesitancy around this vaccine, I will be sharing my experience following my injection to be open and transparent about what effects I get from it.

I was fortunate to get an appointment the very next day I called at my local Kaiser Clinic. I am thrilled to be able to get this but also sad knowing how many never had a chance against this disease. I got my shot at 2:11 pm and did the 15 min wait with only tenderness at the site. I will be blogging more on this post as things happen or not.

1/5/21 6:14 pm

It has been 4 hours since I had my shot and my left arm is achy but no other issues. I’m still reveling in the fact that I was able to take it.

1/6/21 7:00 am

Woke up feeling like my arm could not work. Had left shoulder pain and could not lift arm over my head. No fever or fatigue. Just an achy arm.

1/6/21 5:27 pm

It has been over 24 hours since I received the short. My arm hurts a lot less than this morning but I have started getting some mild headaches.


Arm pain is present but mild allowing me to use it. Still having mild headaches and some fatigue.


No arm pain and headaches. Fatigue is resolved. Back to normal!

My experience pretty much reflects the data collected during the trials. I did not have a fabulous story to tell on my vaccination experience.

New Year Thoughts

2020 was a huge year of change for many of us. Life went completely upside down for me and my family. It didn’t mean all bad but it meant a huge refocusing.

At the start of the pandemic, I was working at my job of 11 years. Because of the fear of being in a nursing home started to grow, my hours there meant going to multiple facilities to gain more hours. I had the unfortunate luck of being at a facility with a positive worker that sparked change for me. I landed up deciding to get out of skilled nursing facilities and go into home care.

As my work in the nursing home declined, my home health worked increased and I saw the firsthand effects of COVID. It was heartbreaking to see what this terrible virus could inflict upon people. I saw folks who led active lives completely debilitated by this pathogen in a matter of days. It was eye opening to see how life can change in a blink of an eye.

Seeing this reaffirmed my support for science. When we have a problem, we need the scientific process to determine how we will navigate through it. There was really no other way to address this but with science, however the damage has been done over the years by the social media and poor reporting by the news.

Right on cue, politics got in the way of getting a good grasp on what the next steps would be and lots of confusion flooded the media as a result. The US is now paying for the effects this with rising infections and overburdened hospitals. As the vaccine is being rolled out, getting it out to people is now another challenge ahead with many fearing the solution because of hesitancy.

The latest word on the news is that the vaccination campaigns will take at least 10 years at the rate we are heading. Will that mean 10 years of mask wearing and social distancing? It might if we do not get a real handle on the cost of disinformation.

The very source of disinformation platforms like Facebook and Twitter are only now cracking down on false information. They were the source of bad information for over a decade and we now see the need to stop this from continuing. Too many said that fake news was not a big deal only to realize now how deadly it is.

I just received word that I have the privilege to get the COVID vaccine and I and getting it as soon as I can as a health care worker. It is my duty to protect my patients in the community and in facilities. Do I fear the potential side effects of this mRNA vaccine? No. I prefer not to be a guinea pig to COVID.

In this New Year, I hope more people open their eyes to the amazing possibilities that science can do for our lives. That’s all we’ve got to solve the problem in front of us. Time to science the crap out of this pandemic.

Pandemic Priorities

Life changed for many starting in March. Thousands of businesses had to close putting lots out of work. Things are still not back to normal yet.

What have we learned from this pandemic? Based on my observations while shopping, people want what works, and they don’t care about the toxicity either. Bleach, Lysol, and other disinfects were flying off shelves in a matter of minutes while the all natural, earthy marketed stuff sat on shelves untouched. The more expensive organic toilet papers and cleaners sat untouched while the conventional stuff were completely gone. People even listened to the EPA’s findings that found Lysol to be effective at killing this virus but scoffed when it came down to glyphosate.

With hundreds of thousands out of work, food became a priority. Cars would line up for hours to get a food box and I doubt any drove by demanding organic food. The carcinogenic stuff like Spam, Vienna Sausage, and corned beef were hard to find on the shelves. Even flour has been hard to come by while the expensive gluten-free, organic flours remained well stocked. Why were consumers not buying up these products that marketers were so keen on labeling as “better” for you?

Truth be told that people know that those “harsh” chemicals work and food is food when a pandemic hits. So many were demanding GMO labeling years ago really didn’t care about that label while shopping. People were scared and stocking up on what they know are comfort staples. Food elitism took a backseat.

Right on cue, the disinformation activists have started up again with spreading doubt and distrust. Facts have been distorted and fantastic stories are spreading all over the internet like wildfires. Claims that Bill Gates has a devious plan is being believed by so many. Public health officials are being threatened and harassed to the point that they are quitting. Why is this happening?

I have a theory as to why this has been happening. For years, politicians allowed anti-vaccine and anti-GMO forces to have a spotlight. They believed that by allowing them a say was important for making policies. None of what was being claimed could be refuted by the politicians. This was basically a mish mash of beliefs that was allowed to stand. The scientific community being the minority could not compete to get facts at the forefront. For years this was allowed to happen and distrust has grown to the point where the US is losing its grip on the pandemic.

Many want to blame one person for this problem but do not look further than our own politicians across the states and globally who supported the squeaky, factless wheels to garner votes. Now these same politicians are facing the screamers amidst a pandemic and are frozen to act. They’ve dug themselves into a hole and it’s taking everyone down.

Will it take the devastation of a pandemic to make us see the importance of science based policies?If we don’t, we will all pay for the consequences of the muddying up of facts in some way or another.

A Time to Return to Science Based Policy

For too long, Hawaii’s politicians had their attention focused on the squeaky wheels. It all started with the anti-GMO taro bill to a GMO ban/labeling, then to pesticides. Much of their time was focused on caving to the anti-GMO folks demands which were not based upon scientific evidence. So where did that leave us?

While global issues of food security and innovation advanced, Hawaii willingly ignored those facts. We were told that going back to the old ways were better for us as a state by women in bikinis. Tons of misinformation focused on discrediting scientists and experts in the field for years. It caused many in the sciences to quietly back down from speaking up and educating. Superstitions and conspiracies ruled our state’s legislation from very loud activists who said they represented everyone.

As the movement towards ignoring science continued, my dad said that one day, we will be forced into looking towards science for the answers. He said years ago that the fearing of chemicals and pesticides will cause a return of rat lungworm disease back and sure enough, like a prophecy, it came back to destroy people’s lives.

Fast forward to the present day— following years of anti-vaccination rhetoric— we are seeing a world where vaccinations are not available. People are dying of this novel virus across the globe with no herd immunity. The economy is halted as the only solution right now. Many communities are facing hardships because of the stand still. Our society needs healthy citizens and good public health to operate and function despite the contagious nature of this virus.

When faced with a deadly virus, the focus of the politicians are on science right now. They are telling people to stay at home based upon the current evidence gained through managing this pandemic. They are telling people to listen to experts from the CDC and use disinfectants registered with the EPA. We are told to stay with facts throughout this pandemic. It is ironic that officials are directing us to trust the EPA on this yet went against the same agency over certain pesticides. Even the organic agriculture lobbying group, the Center for Food Safety, is directing people CDC advice while suing the EPA on glyphosate safety.

For too long, our Hawaii legislators caved to the science rejectors’ demands to fund restrictive laws on pesticides and monitoring of it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars went towards increasing organic agriculture and trendy farming studies. The Department of Health funded studies to detect pesticides and found nothing significant each time. Conventional farmers got thrown under the bus for years with false claims that had no evidence, just emotional pleas from moms flown in to stage the show. Our legislators even tried to stop the water from farms using propaganda from activists. Farms are still at risk for closure because the politicians can’t get their act together.

So what are politicians doing right now? They are rallying the public to support our farms and other industries reliant upon agriculture, specifically the restaurants. Wait a second! Just last year, the City Council made very restrictive plastic bans that increased the cost of business to run a restaurant. I cringe when I see the same politicians who refused to keep the waters flowing to farms asking the public to support those farms. Seriously, do voters have that short of a memory of what actions they supported to undermine these industries?

Imagine if we had that dairy farm on Kauai at this time and how we would have a local supply of fresh milk. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more piggeries with fresh pork in the stores? What if we had more egg farms across our state to feed our communities? Alas, we know that the anti-ag sentiment will keep this from ever happening thanks to the politicians’ stances.

Right now, we are all being forced into looking towards science for answers. That is all we have left. Science gives us evidence to use anti-bacterial soaps and disinfectants to protect us and not the all-natural, no harsh chemical products. Many have turned to using corporate made masks to protect them from these infectious particles. I recall so many antis marching in Waikiki with those precious N-95 masks and hazmat suits that are needed now. During these times, we are relying on the experts to give us the answers. No one is putting the Food Babe or Ashley Lukens as experts, nor are chiropractic and naturopathic views being promoted on the news.

There are more questions than answers right now that can only be addressed through science. I hope that the legislature really starts to use evidence in guiding policies and ignoring the squeaky wheels. I know for a fact that public didn’t even listen to the imported lobbyists when all of the conventional foods and products are wiped out on the shelves across the nation. Few gave a damn about that GMO label or how it was grown. We’ve learned a huge lesson that we are fortunate to have an abundance in agriculture to allow for so many panic hoarders.

Our state needs to retune its focus on science. If we don’t start using evidence based policies, we will not fare well in the future.

A Pledge for Humanity

A few months ago, I received an email from a professor of cultural anthropology from the Netherlands. He had been in Hawaii years ago to study the GMO opposition in Hawaii. He had focused his study on the anti-GMO folks here last time and decided that he wants to hear from the other side. Apparently, my name was frequently mentioned by the anti-folks and he wanted to talk to me.

We had a nice chat one afternoon going through my involvement in the anti-GMO movement. I shared my story about our papaya farm and the journey to save it. He had some knowledge of the issues and was trying to understand the driving forces for the opposition as well as to why I was so passionate about the GMO issue.

Was it money? No. Was it fame and attention? No. What did I get from being outspoken about the issue?

I had to think about what was driving me to fight for GMO tech and I realized that it was a fight for science. Why spend hours blogging and trying to educate when my bank account never had any huge deposits from it? Why take time off of work to meet with politicians and students who were not supporters? Why do all of this if I got nothing out of it?

I do get something from science outreach via my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook platforms. I get to read and learn about stories of hope. Yes, that story on genetically engineered cells curing lupus in mice made me break out in tears.

Why? I have friends and family who are affected by this disease and I hear of their stories of pain and suffering. If this piece of research can materialize into a cure to alleviate their pain, you can bet I get excited about it. I put hope in science finding a cure to help others and sharing those stories to spread the word that science is not something we should fear. We have to embrace it to help others.

I am not a scientist doing the research but I sure can help spread the word that we need their work and innovations to help us live our lives to the fullest. Our lives are short and we want to live without pain or illness with the help of science and technology. You can bet that Whole Foods will not be paying for research to cure for diseases but will be willing to sell you some quack cure like CBD or hemp claiming to cure every disease from A to Z.

Those profiting from science denial are not anyone’s helper as they claim. None were sharing stories to help the Samoan measles crisis by promoting the public to be vaccinated. Many anti-vaxx promoters were still spreading pseudoscience claims while 80 people, majority being young children, died over the last few weeks. I cannot imagine being one of those parents affected by such a loss. Children do not have to die like that in this day and age.

You can bet that I will still be fighting for science long after the anti-everything folks have moved onto something else. They have their bumper stickers and t-shirts proclaiming their cause but it won’t last as we all know. These movements are fickle and not sustainable. Science goes on to solve problems because it is not a fad but directed to solve real issues.

The professor from the Netherlands discovered for himself that the anti-folks don’t stick around in the communities they supposedly cared for. They have all left the area and were nowhere to be found. It leads to the question if they genuinely care about the community or were they just hobby activists stirring it up to divide people then leave once the damage was done?

No matter what the case may be, I will continue to advocate for science because I know that the goal is ultimately to help humanity.

Real Pain

For the last week, I’ve been down with a terrible sinus infection and bronchitis. I usually don’t get this sick but it really wiped me out. Luckily, I saw the doctor and was treated to hopefully make my trip out to the Michigan State Plant Biotechnology symposium. Well, I did not get well enough to fly.

Just as I thought I was on the mend, I did a really dumb thing. I felt so good that I wanted to finish making my guava jam. Doing nothing makes me antsy and I wanted to get a project done. My guava jam was all ready to be canned when I somehow spilled the pyrex I had it in when a lid dropped. A nice cup of hot jam landed on my neck. I was sure glad it wasn’t the whole pot!

If you’ve ever had a burn, you know how badly it hurts. I went into first aid mode and quickly washed off the sticky jam searing my skin. I could feel the layers slither off as the water cooled it. After the hot stuff was off, I cooled it with a cold compress. It helped but the pain was just horrible.

As I sat waiting to hear back from the advice nurse, the pain just intensified for nearly 2 hours. It did eventually subside but still seared. Having intense pain really starts to grate on the mind. It started to make me think about how the anti-ag folks would constantly testify if the pain that they were in from living by farms.

The anti-ag folks would easily get packed up and on a plane to get to the hearings at the Capitol. There they would sit in front of legislators with their myriad of illnesses. Those emotional stories captivated the politicians who were so compelled by these actors. After testifying against farms, they’d all enjoy happy hour at the local bar to drink up some GMO appetizers and carcinogenic alcohol.

As I am sitting in pain right now, suffering is horrible. Real suffering is awful. The well-abled, claiming to be sick say they are in pain but look quite well functioning to me. These people have zero clue of real pains that they cause. If you are truly in pain, you will not want others to have to face it. They are well fed but make so many false claims that inflict real hardship in the others around the world.

If these anti-ag folks were truly suffering, they would be able to genuinely empathize with others. The truth is, they are not able to feel the impact that they have upon the millions around the world. They can only think of themselves and how they want to promote elitist organic, regenerative, Korean natural farming, permaculture, or whatever-is-trendy-sounding fairy farming terms to the non-farmer masses. They also thrive on using the courtroom to advance their claims while harming those farming.

As my neck still hurts like hell from my burn, I hope the politicians stop causing intentional pains to the ag community. We have been hurting for years because of your stances and decisions. You can ask for the farmers to shield you from the activists but we aren’t going to take it. Don’t smile at me while enjoying our papaya then legislate against us. Two faced people are saved for Halloween and aren’t appropriate for real life already.

Who needs zombies? I am one on Hallow’s Eve!

Mourning the Past Sacrifices the Future

The trend right now is to fight for the old ways. There are some who want to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom and others claiming “desecration” of a mountain in the name of preserving culture. Whatever the case may be, these groups are still on the mountain blockading the road.

Many are mourning the past and have been for some time. With the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope and the social media, people have decided to “rise up” against this. They all have their flags and attire to show their stance across our state.

I see many others also jumping on the bandwagon of standing up for the mountain. It is pretty fun to belong to a cause and feel as if you’re making a difference. The sad thing is if you ask the majority of folks against the telescope, few have any idea on how it came to fruition. None have a clue as to why the community and majority of the state were for it to begin with.

The very human tendency to operate on shortcuts is once again evident in this issue as it was for the GMO one. I remember the anti-GMO folks using a poll to claim 90% of people wanted it labeled but when the questions of the poll was changed, the result was much different. It is easy to quickly answer a question given the rhetoric on the media but when one is asked to think, the opinion is likely to change.

It is easy to get caught up into the emotional tsunami happening now where people feel compelled to join and say no, no, no. How sustainable is this wave going to last? When the hype over this issue is over, there will be another one and another. Is there a genuine goal of this movement who blocked taro research, GMOs, crop protection, water rights, and now the telescope? Did the Hawaiians become closer to becoming their own sovereign nation once the protest was over? Sadly, that goal was never met or will be met when one is constantly used for protesting.

Public opinion is easily swayed as we are seeing by the latest polling done on the telescope. Should we be surprised once we understand human nature? Nope. The protesters continue to mourn the past with no realization that their attempts to go back to the ancient days are robbing the future. The very keiki given opportunities to rise above their circumstances will be affected by the loss of opportunities. We as a society should be encouraging others to pursue an education and not stand static holding flags blocking a mountain. We humans are born to continually strive to do better in life for it is is the natural order of things. It is not natural to want to stay in one place for most.

What if my grandfather had told my dad that he could not join the Air Force and go to college? What if he forced my dad to only work on the farm the old ways and not trying technology? Our farm would have failed if we had been coerced into one path. Luckily, my grandfather supported my dad in his journey to become educated in what he loved which was farming. That little bit of support changed our family’s path forever and will impact my children’s future.

The protesters are thinking that forcing others to reject astronomy and follow the emotional path is better for the future. Sometimes we have to let go of the past but not forget it. We have to take leaps into the unknown to make discoveries that will have an impact on future generations. Humans are not stagnant beings but in constant motion to achieve and challenge ourselves.

We must move forward instead of backwards. The anti-crowd is determined to pull everyone down with them and they don’t care if it includes the future. That is why we must not let these loud voices guide the canoe in this direction where we as a state head against progress.

The early voyagers would have all perished if they were not determined to get out of the ocean’s doldrums. They paddled their way out and found a path towards a better life. The leaders of our state must lead and move us all forward so everyone can find their own life’s journey, albeit better ones.

The Power of a Small Band of Folks

This past Friday was our annual Kaneohe Elementary Fun Fair. I decided to help out as the food booth chair. I had no idea what I needed to do but did so to help out my friend who needed someone to organize it. It is a big responsibility because it makes a significant amount of money for the school also.

I was in charge of securing the food which meant getting it to the school. I had to order 240 pieces of pizza, tens of pounds of noodles, nearly 50 lbs of poke, as well as coordinating the set up, serving, and clean up after. Luckily, this rookie had the help of so many veteran food booth volunteers to get the ball rolling.

At the end of the fair, with lots of coordinating, every single bit of food was sold off. Based on my calculations, we should have made money from it. That money will go towards funding programs not covered by taxpayer funds.

As I ran around the booth getting food down and training volunteers as well as working the front to keep lines short, it was an amazing feat to realize our impact upon the 600 students of the school. Here were dozens of parents, teachers, staff at one given moment working together to better the lives of many. We all did this for every kid who attended this school.

Some of us spent hours preparing for the event and others gave an hour or two but the goal was the same. We were all there for all of the keiki in our community. What we raised impacted so many that day for years to come by enriching the curriculum. Kids get a better educational experience because of our efforts that will help guide their future by learning to love education.

Our small band of folks could reach out for so many. Our hours of meetings and behind the scenes work are investments for the future. By working together for a greater cause, we were doing something big. That is what we need in this day and age is to ask ourselves what do we want at the end of the day and we will find that the goal is the same. There are some who will never give of their time or step up but still reap the benefits of the work of few. That small band of folks still trudges on despite that.

If each and everyone of us gives to the greater community with a goal to invest and improve it, we can do amazing things. I hope others can look beyond what is in front of their noses and look to the future to shape it. Do we want a better future for all us? If that indeed is the case, then that is what we invest our energies into. Giving back will reap rewards for everyone in some form or fashion.