What Would Vandana Shiva Say About This?

Nearly 80% of the papayas grown in Hawaii are of the transgenic variety.  Yes, that means it is GMO.  And to people like Vandana Shiva, those three letters are really bad.  Just take a look at what she says about it on Twitter.

If you were to take what she says, then I guess you’d have to say that the above papaya with no seeds must have been “raped” by a GMO contamination.  Then all of the anti-GMO club members are going to join in and spread that same “fact.”  They never bother to research any of their facts about the source of their information and it goes all over the social media like a wildfire.

When someone does a bit of research to counter their claims, they find out that papayas do sometimes lack any seeds at times and that if it has a funny shape, it is probably a female fruit, not some mutant terminator papaya.  Note that this papaya was grown in Asia where there was no such thing as transgenic papayas to begin with.  But of course, the “facts” will spread that this is a GMO mutant and so on.

So before you send those emails about your horrid discovery containing misinformation that you are completely unaware of, do some research or be called a fool by someone who catches it.  Then again, maybe some people like to be called a fool.


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