From the Farmer’s Desk…

Kenneth Kamiya, my dad

Kenneth Kamiya, my dad

Once in awhile, the farmer has a chance to sit down and put his thoughts together.  Here’s what he has to say…

As we begin a new legislative session, we are often reminded of the adage that the “squeaky wheel gets its way.”  How absurd!

What happened to our aloha spirit of mutual respect, live and let live, and honoring wisdom and education?  No matter the facts, the loudest clamoring to get one’s way or to impose one’s beliefs on others is not the way I was raised in Hawaii.  

We often praise the isseis and nisseis of all cultural groups that made Hawaii a special place to live and work, and eventually retire.  Through their hard work, suffering, self restraint, and self denial, we now enjoy the fruits of their labor.  However, in this current age, we as farmers, are now told to emulate the squeaky wheel, to protect our heritage and culture.  In all due respect, and with the belief in aloha handed to me and my children, we are reluctant to become the very thing we were taught not to do.  It is just not our way.

Therefore, it is incumbent in our elected officials, as they chose to be, and some duly elected, to be brave and honest and honor our aloha spirit.  It is not our way to make more noise than the opposition so that you can make an excuse for your actions.




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