The GMO Label Will Do Nothing to the Right to Know Movement

Once again, Hawaii legislators have decided to take up the GMO labeling laws again.  Here’s some of the activists’ reasoning why they are demanding such a law.

-It’s poison.

-We’re lab rats.

-It causes every single disease on earth.


-There are no safety studies that they like.

-We are crossing and changing genes and creating frankenfood.

-Monsanto is responsible for the chemtrails and are poisoning us.

-I need to know what I’m putting in my body, even though I should know organic is GMO free, well for the most part.

-We can’t trust the FDA, EPA, USDA, and other governmental agencies as it is all a conspiracy.

-I have the right to know.

The list will go on and on as to why they need a label.  The last two statements need to be delved into more because it shows the irony of the whole “right to know” issue.

First of all, for many of these activists, including the Babes Against Biotech, when offered information about GE technology, they instantly condemn it.  How many people have tried to provide some facts and evidence to much of their claims, only to be banned on their page?  The same goes for the GMO free pages also when truly offered the evidence.

On Kauai, when Dr. Steve Savage and Dr. Kevin Folta went to offer their expertise on the issues with biotech, they were shunned by the crowd.  If the answer didn’t fit their views, they immediately accused both of being paid shills.  If it really is about the right to know, wouldn’t these groups demanding it allow for some dialogue?  Nope.

The other interesting issue to note is this government conspiracy and that the Federal government can’t be trusted.  No matter what tests have been done or regulations put in place, these activists have no trust for any of the information.  These people don’t even trust the state for that matter.

The state did how many tests and inspections with the ag companies to insure safety in the communities.  These people refused to believe it, and forged ahead to pass laws on their own because the state had supposedly failed them.  I find it very odd that they are now asking the very entity that they never trusted, to now label GM foods.  Are these activists suddenly going to become trusting of the state once this label is passed?  I highly doubt it.  That’s not the true motive behind all of this.

Certain lawmakers are sold on the emotional buying point that they have to protect people’s so called rights.  By appeasing the activists, it appears as if some politicians are hoping that they will get them off of their backs.  Fat chance.  These activists are about taking, taking, taking with nothing to give for farmers or ag.  In reality, it is far from being someone’s right, but an industry’s ploy to create unnecessary fear against this technology and taking advantage of people’s ignorance and gullibility.  They complain about the greedy corporations but their underlying motive is the same thing they condemn.

They rely on peoples’ weaknesses and it works like a charm as we all can see.  Fear works wonders on an ill informed public, far removed from the growing of food let alone the science behind it.


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