The Right to Know Should be Pay Attention Instead!

Scarlet, my 15 year old GMO eating dog who is still alive!

Scarlet, my 15 year old GMO eating dog who is still alive!

Let’s face it that the GMO war in Hawaii is still raging on with Maui on the hit list right now by the anti-GMO activists.  The mainland funded SHAKA Movement is going full force over there trying to do the same thing that happened on Kauai.  The pictures and the videos are still posted on the social media documenting the so called “outrage” of the people.  It is really amazing to me that people really don’t pay attention to the things in their daily lives that is created by this GMO technology that they feel is poisoning them so much.

I decided to pay attention and take a look at my own life and see where I actually use GMO products.  I bet that many of these protesters live quite similarly to me.  I get my household stuff from Ross, Macys, Sears, and the local Longs CVS.  I went room to room and around my home to see where I could find those pesky GMO things!

I started off in my bedroom.  I went through my drawers and picked out my clothes for tonight.  I found a nice cotton pajama top and bottom along with cotton underwear.  I can’t afford organic nor would want to buy it.  My GMO cotton night clothes came straight from Macy’s where it was surrounded by tons more of it.

The nice sateen cotton sheets that I sleep on is made from GMO cotton too.  The bed sheets as well as the comforter that tops my bed is all GMO derived and made in India or Pakistan.  Even the cotton mattress pad is GMO!

I’ve learned from Farmer Ravi, and Indian cotton farmer, that he appreciates the Bt cotton seeds since he no longer has to buy highly toxic pesticides to grow it.  He also told me how the pesticide companies there were fighting the agribusiness companies trying to bring in this technology there.  The pesticide companies are different than the agribusiness companies and aren’t the same entities.  I’m happy knowing that some farmer in India didn’t have to expose themselves to old highly toxic chemicals to grow the very textiles I use in my daily lives.

When I peeked into my husband’s dresser drawers, I found that even his clothes are all mostly cotton.  We’ve never bought anything organic as we can’t find it here and it’s likely out of our price range.  From his underwear to his undershirts, it’s all GMO cotton!

Next I went into my kids’ dressers and found the same thing.  Nearly all of their clothing is cotton and all GMO too!  Some are made in the US and some across the world from us.  The farmers that grew it didn’t have to use excessive amounts of pesticides to grow it, which is a wonderful earth friendly though really.

I walked to my bathroom and once again find GMO cotton everywhere!  From my fluffy white towels from Costco, to my shaggy floor rugs from Ross, to my facial cotton pads and my mommy diapers as my kids call it, everything is cotton!

As I look closer to my Herbal Essence shampoo, it too has some form of GMO in it.  There is corn silk extract listed as one of its ingredients.  Wow, GMO shampoo that smells great and washes my hair clean.

My deodorant also has cornstarch as one of its ingredients to keep me fresh and dry.  I am putting GMO right in my pits!  This is amazing!  I’ve been using this for years and really had no clue until I took some time to read the label today.

My dogs get a little night time treat so I took a minute to look at the ingredients of their treat boxes and sure enough, there’s some corn meal listed in it.  I’ve fed it to them for years and they are fine and happy to receive it.  My rescued dog, who has been fed GMO her whole life, has reached the ripe old age of 15 human years this year with no problems at all.  She still runs around the yard like a puppy and is as happy as can be.  I’m lucky that this GMO has kept her healthy and my vet bills low.

I stopped by my kid’s mouse cage to feed their beloved pet, Pip.  Pip’s been alive nearly a year eating GMO corn and healthy as ever.  He looks nothing like Seralini’s frankenrats at all.  I still feed him his GMO feed everyday and toss in a few GMO treats that he takes happily.  He is free of any lumps!

My two cheeky lovebirds, Papaya and Charlie, are snuggled together in their GMO cotton sling bed that I made them and are perky and cheery as can be.  They love it when I put in some GMO sweet corn as a treat.  Papaya is 15 human years old and Charlie is 3 human years and are peppy and sassy, even with all of the GMO treats.

I then stopped by my kitchen and took a closer look at what I have in the cupboards.  Sure enough I have plenty GMO food in there from Spam for my musubis to my favorite Hawaiian Hula GMO papaya seed salad dressing mixes.  I also have GMO corn tortilla chips for nachos this week along with GMO chymosin cheeses of all sorts from Costco.  I have GMO canola oil for making salad dressing under my sink.  I keep a nice stock of GMO condensed sweetened milk to make my heavenly seven layer bars with some chocolate chips that likely have some GMO sugars in it.  I even have non-GMO flaked coconut that’s dusted in some GMO sugar that tastes great toasted.  My cupboard and refrigerator is chock full of GMO food items.

I tidied up the kitchen and saw what I can use to do the job and found Mrs. Miwako’s GMO kitchen towels and Williams Sonoma dishcloths that are all GMO cotton.  My Japanese cotton steaming cloth is GMO cotton and great for making my favorite sticky rice dish, sekihan.  I still can’t see how GMO is so bad and evil as everyone makes it out to be!

I took a look at the containers of fish food and found that it too contains GMO corn meal and some soy in it.  My fish that I got from the farm fair last year is still alive despite consuming it for the majority of its  life.  My goldfishes are also thriving on the GMO fish food and seem to be surviving attacks by our crayfish all along.

I checked on my grandma this evening and discovered that she has vials of GMO right in the refrigerator.  She uses GMO derived insulin to help treat her inherited form of diabetes and has been injecting it for years.  She probably would have had her toe amputated or blinded by the disease if it weren’t for this GMO insulin.

I thought I’d load up my car for tomorrow and realized that there’s GMOs being burned in my daily commute to drop kids off and pick up my grandma from day care.  I washed my car too and used the GMO cotton rags to polish it to a nice sheen with synthetic chemicals that do the job.  I used a lot of chemicals from headline polish, tired shine spray, Rain X, window cleaner spray, resin car wax, back to black spray, WD40, silicone spray, and Armour All spray.  I know that there’s a lot of drift from these chemicals and I breathed it in once a month to keep my car clean, since I do like a clean car inside and out.

I found some cans of paint in my garage too and lo and behold, there’s GMO soy in some of them.  The left over newspaper kept from my guinea pig’s cage also has GMO soy ink on it.  Mr. Pig’s cage has been lined with GMO soy ink paper for years and he’s doing just fine with this exposure.  Heck, I’ve been touching this GMO stuff for years every morning when I read the paper.  The paper itself might even be GMO!

I’m not jumping up and down or making a protest about GMOs anytime soon.  It is everywhere and it really has made those farmers across the world have an easier job growing it for us to use.  The farmers here in the US also have benefitted from GMOs and we are the beneficiaries of their ingenuity and hard work, like it or not.  We’re pretty darn lucky if you ask me.  I can’t understand how people can say this GMO is okay but this one isn’t.  How does one pick and choose which type is better than the other?

Stop and look at the world you live in.  Is it as bad as you really perceive it to be?  I don’t think so when you can have plenty of time to march because a farmer clothed and fed you.  The seeds that grew those products had its roots planted here in Hawaii and I really think it’s a neat thing to realize.  What I am protesting is this right to know should really be my right to ask you to pay attention to what’s around you!






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