Kauai Snarklectic: Confused Trust Fund Babies in Need of a Needle

Today I was lucky enough to get several blog posts commented on by none other than a character named Kauai Snarkeclectic.  These are just some of the cryptic comments this person made on certain blogs.  It seems that this person was trying to be snarky but completely missed the point of ALL of the blogs.  (I am posting the comments exactly as it was submitted with no editing.)

On the Tag Team of the Hooser blog, this is what was said…

We just LOVE the way you lacerate, slicve, dice, eviscerate, and strip the skin off of these people. Wow you are really really good! But, no where near as good as Joan Conrow. Not as good as Bill Maher. But we bow to your chooclatey deliciousness, as it just ooozes over this blog, may it be blessed by many more such chocolatey goodness. Mmm, yummy. Wow, you really don’t like these people do you? So, are we getting this straight, these people are like, evil, right? I mean they are really really bad, right? You don’t like them, do you? Lets be blunt, you have severely unkind thoughts about them? Becasue they aren’t farmers. So, I suppose that none of these people have never even seen a farm, is that correct? And by “Farm”, you mean GMO feilds on Kaua’i, that produce seeds only and no food for the people of kauai.We guess we are a little confused. Aren’t seed, just that, seeds, and you have to actually sell them to a REAL farmer to get them to grow stuff? We don’t know, because we aren’t farmers. We have never even SEEN a farm in real life. We think we would be scared to see one. It might attack us or something! are we getting that correct? Because we wanna be correct. We don’t want you putting US through the meat grinder. Or maybe we do. We would taste delicious. You never know. We might even taste better then BHT Corn!.Or an environmentalist for that matter. meh, we hear they are tough. No fat on the bone. Not like real farmers. They are nice and healthy!. Mmm, yummy!

We have to remind ourselves not to post late at night, when we have the munchies. Sorry. um, do you have some spare GMO corn you could send us right now? We are all sitting around, and theres nothing to eat but

Organic crap. And we all KNOW how bad that is for you!

Sincerely, The Kauai Snarklectic Publishing Team.

Thanks for playing with us, we had fun!

Then on yet another post about the giving spirit instead of marching during the holidays, this comment was made…

Wow this is an awesome post! We feel so guilty, here at Kauai Snarklectic. We have a empty BHT Corn Seed can in our office kitchen, and we regularly fill it up with bitcoin. We were thinking of donating it to the “Save the GMO Fund” we started. Do you think it is too late to give something? It is almost May. We could throw in a nice flower lei for good measure! Just don’t tell Santa how bad we have been, or he might not bring us our Halloween presents, when he comes in the Big Pumkin, and lights the Easter Tree!

Also, we really like your blog. a LOT. It gives us hours and hours of inspration. Check our blog and see just how much. Happy Holidays! Cuz there’s always time for pudding…and holidaze!

Then on the blog post about the Kauai County Council and their integrity and leadership

Joanne Yukimura is on your side. I don’t know why you are including her in this list. What has she done, that is against GMO’s? She supported the GMO companies, and weakened the bill specifically for the GMO’s. She shouldn’t be on this list. That is our opinion. in fact, we are a bit confused. The bill is about pesticides, their use and frequency, and revealing what the companies are spraying. it says nothing about shutting down the GMO’s. How is that even possible? They are billion dollar corporations. They can operate ad infinitum.We beleive what you mean to say, is that the people supporting pesticide use by the GMO companies, are not in favor of the GMO companies spraying them in such heavy quantities near schools, public places, and residents.We are sure that is what you mean. But then again, our editorial staff is never sure what they are gonna have for breakfast each morning, let alone what blogs like this actually mean., Maybe if we were real farmers, and not trust fund babies or hippies we could understand better. Can you please enlighten us on just what exactly you are talking about? Because we are completely lost in a haystack of confusing references and rhetoric. if you had a needle that may be helpful.

The author of these comments confirms many suspected points about this so called GMO Free people.  They don’t know what blogs like mine mean, they aren’t real farmers and are trust fund babies and hippies, and that they need some enlightenment of some sort.  Can someone also lead them out of the haystack and find that needle for them?!


***Note that the Kauai farmers don’t spray near schools, public places, and on people.  They spray for bugs on their farms.  Maybe some people feel that they indeed are pests.***


One thought on “Kauai Snarklectic: Confused Trust Fund Babies in Need of a Needle

  1. In the past, insane people were committed. Today they get welfare and spend their days on Facebook, Google+, etc., playing activist, completely unaware of their insanity and stupidity. It’s sad, really, that she has been abandoned by society to wander the world without treatment for her mental disability.

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