Slander, Lies, Rants: Are you Proud to Be A SHAKA Anti-GMO Activist?

Let’s get one thing really clear here before you continue reading this post.  Many of the anti-GMO activists haven’t quite figured out or thoroughly read my blog to learn that I’m not paid to write it.  If I did, I still have yet to discover where my checks from Monsanto and Dow are going to.  They apparently must know because they keep thinking I’m paid to write this blog, but sorry to burst your shill bubble, you’re dead wrong.

If you have a bit more logic, you might ask, then why do I write it? Honestly, I’m sick and tired of the misinformation and outright lies that are being said about biotech farmers, scientists, researchers, and other agriculture supporters.  I also don’t care for the ugliness that is being perpetuated across our islands in the social media and the environment.  Posting these uglies are a good reminder of who these anti-GMO activists really are and holds THEM accountable for THEIR actions of no aloha.  If the activists didn’t resort to this kind of stuff, I’d have nothing to write and it would be wonderful.  That would be the day because these people apparently don’t give a rip about what they do or say so it gives me plenty to write about.

The blog post I wrote a few days ago apparently upset the SHAKA Movement folks again.  There apparently is a lot of hurt feelings going on there as they posted this in their group.  Just read their conversation on this post for yourself.  (Warning: Anti-GMO bad language ahead.  Keep your literate kids away from your computer.)


Screenshot 2014-10-15 10.26.34



I find it funny that they call this blog hateful.  It’s their own postings that make it hateful!  I can’t make up the comments they write nor do I have photoshopping skills to manipulate things.  So where’d the hate come from? These people themselves are the sources of it!

There is hope that some of these people do recognize that these actions aren’t right and aren’t helping the cause.  Yes, activists, please stop giving others reasons to expose your ugliness and bleeding Hawaii of your new kind of aloha.  It can no longer be ignored by others already.  You can blame me for “staging” this stuff or being “slanderous” or whatever accusation you can think of, but the fact of the matter is that it came from what you have promulgated in our communities.  Isn’t slander when you say stuff to harm a person’s reputation?  Is it still slander when the source if yourself?!  Ask yourself, do you want to be associated with all of this un-aloha?


While you drive along the coast of Maui near Olowalu, this is a beautiful site you get to see! “Stop GMO” scrawled on a barrel to remind you of Maui’s hospitality.


More coastal property vandalism on Maui.


Vandalism on signs going up to Pukalani.


Parents bringing their kids to their protests with scary images scrawled on GMO cotton sheets with chemicals.


Defacing of stop signs on private property.


Tourists get to be greeted by “Monsanto go away” messages at Kahalui airport!


A company banner stolen and defaced with the anti-GMO aloha.


Highways are great places to scribble your graffiti on it with “evict Monsanto” and the best one of all, “Burn da crops!”


Public property is a free for all when you’re an anti-GMO activist! Get your chemical laden spray paint and all of it’s drift and spray away!

I can’t forget to mention another collaborator with the SHAKA Movement either!  How could I not include the aloha of the Babes Against Biotech?! Here’s what they instigated at conference there in Kaanapali last year.  I possibly could not have staged these at all because these were posted all on their social media pages.



image001The best sign at that event had to be the one that they walked up and down the beach with.  The message written on there just warms your heart and brings wonderful feelings of joy. It also appears to be drawn on with synthetic chemicals likely with a lot of fumes on a Monsanto derived cotton sheet too!



Oh, yes, and if these people ever get a hold of your photo, just wait and see what they will do with it.  They will make wanted posters of you and put them on public property once again!


Can you feel the love, aloha, and feeling of cooperation and collaboration of these activists? I bet you can definitely feel that this is a group that is workable and reasonable.  I bet the politicians that these people are supporting are just as lovely too and share the same values of these people of aloha.  Of course, these folks want to “educate” the public and have their activists target farmers in the community or even involve themselves in county matters.





kanielaing nomi


As a kid, my folks taught me to not associate with people who would reflect badly upon oneself.  Hanging around hoodlums made you one of them even if you didn’t participate in their antics.  My friends were the nerd folks and boy were we picked on as kids.  At least, I never got into trouble and developed a bad reputation as a person and we all kept each other up and up.

Too bad that lesson doesn’t apply to us when we become adults.  It really should because who would be proud to associate with these kind of people and their antics.  It’s so no local style to be like this but I have to remind myself that there is a new local style emerging in our islands where it’s about me, myself, and I and what I eat and grow and I’m being poisoned but am still alive and healthy enough to protest, graffiti, and say nasties on the social media.

Oh, yes, and I’m not the only one who has seen the ugly side of the anti-GMO activists and speaking up about it.  Even a Maui News blogger, Harry Eager, has experienced this kind of behaviors.  Are you going out to call him for his un-aloha spirit for pointing this out?!


Take a good look at all of this and ask yourself, “Is this the Hawaii I want for the future? Is this what I want my kids to think is okay? Is this the kind of actions that should be tolerated in our communities? Is this the pono thing to do things in Hawaii?”  If you can’t figure out the answer, then I know you don’t know how to respect the local values and culture we have here in Hawaii and you don’t share my roots in agriculture.  What you’re doing is something that local folks would never do.


6 thoughts on “Slander, Lies, Rants: Are you Proud to Be A SHAKA Anti-GMO Activist?

  1. Bravo! Keep telling the truth because those who perpetuate violence and hate need to be exposed for what they are! No Pono or Aloha with them at all! So so sad our keiki have to be subject to such horrendous behavior from a group of thugs!

  2. I was called a troll (it took some research to find out what that was) because I questioned the integrity of an anti GMO blogger and the validity of his blog when he would not admit to making up his facts. I further disagreed with the group GMO Free USA and was blocked. Their free speech only pertains to information that they want to disseminate that is favorable to their cause. The use of emotional headlines and scare tactics are so prolific in the Facebook postings of both the Shaka and the GMO Free USA groups that it is hard to believe that people would even give credit to anything posted there. The only thing I have seen is truly a lack of aloha and pono. Since these groups are not of Hawaii I do not expect them to be Hawaiian , however I am getting really tired of the know it all attitude and I think they should take their mainland opinions back to the mainland.

    • The fact that these people use censorship when questioned really shows how they operate. If you question them, there is no discussion ever and yet they say they are for the community. Sure. Actions speak louder than words!

  3. Gotta love the names of some of these anti-GMO hippies. “Morning Star.” “Dancing Raven.” “Falco Sparverius.” We’ve come to malama your aina for mother Earth as she has called her children (us haoles) back to her womb.

    I watched a video by “Autumn Ray Ness” who has lived here for all of 1 year. She reminds the audience that she is doing this for “our aina” and “our keiki” and Monsanto is poisoning “our land” and “our streams” and “our reefs.”

    Glad to know you guys care so much for “our” land and “our” people.

    • When people lack any cultural roots, they create their own. We have a neo-culture here called environmentalism. Thats what bonds the malama the aina folks. These people need something to gravitate together with. This culture also makes the same statements over and over. I call it the malama mantra.

  4. thank you so much for your blog. I just recently moved back to Maui from California and was so confused about this GMO stuff, I am glad to see the science and facts and the evidence that you have to back it all up. I’m a Maui girl, born and raised and I like to make informed decisions not emotional ones. Keep up the great work, keep sharing the facts no one can argue with that unless you are a fool and they just like to argue to hear themselves talk.

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