Honor the Farmer


Most people know my dad as the long time papaya farmer. He’s also pretty well known in Laie as he ran the BYU farm and physical plant for several decades. What many folks don’t know is that he also is a veteran in the Vietnam war.

As a kid, I didn’t even realize his service in the Air Force. It was only until a few years ago I learned about the extent to which he served. He was in the Air Force from 1966-1969 and reached the rank of Captain. He was honorably discharged and awarded a Bronze Star for Meritorious Service .  Along with those facts, he told me of the stories of discrimination he encountered being of Okinawan descent and the horrors that he witnessed while on the grounds.  Life of a veteran was no easy task and no one should ever forget that.  Those lessons learned also taught him how to persevere as a farmer.

Let us remember all the veterans who fought for our freedoms and honor them today. While you’re honoring them, honor the farmer veterans and the farmers who fed them while they served us!


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