About Monsanto Mr. Burt Furuta…

So many commenters come across my blog attempting to post a comment here. Honestly, many of them are not worth posting. I get long rants full of bogus links and all kinds of off the wall screeds. It’s the same old commentaries over and over and it gets old. Nor do these contribute to any discussion. Today I have Burt Furuta wanting to comment. Sorry, Burt, it isn’t worth my time or yours.

When you think that Monsanto equates to biotech and you send me links from GMO Report and Ennser, there is clearly no discussion. (That cooment is so long, I can’t even fit it here and it only perpetuates more misinformation.). You obviously have not done your research on cross checking your information and then your accusation of calling me a Monsanto shill seals the deal sir. You obviously aren’t willing to even read the content you’re trying to post to either.

Some people think they got it, but sadly show they still haven’t figured it out.

So sorry, mention Monsanto and your comment goes into the trash bin.



6 thoughts on “About Monsanto Mr. Burt Furuta…

      • Every day i check my mail box. Through sun and snow, rain and fog. Every day i await my GMO shill T-shirt from Monsanto. I wait faithfully, never giving up hope that, someday, all my shilling will bear me my T-shirt treasure. Someday, one day. It will be there. I know it !

  1. As soon as they call me a Monsanto shill, they are banned from commenting on my blog. It’s truly SUCH an insult to assume that one “big ag” company is going around and paying us for our opinions. Give me a freaking break.

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