Why Politicians Hear From Very Few People in the Anti-GMO Debacle

It was reported yesterday on HPR that some 600 pieces of testimony came in regarding the anti-pesticide bill.  Rep. Chris Lee and the rest of his committee felt very confident in passing it through because of it.  Just because it appears to have a lot of support doesn’t make it the right thing to do.  Why did few people speak up to begin with?

For one thing, speaking up against these activists makes one an immediate target to very ugly actions.  No one wants to subjected to being accused of crimes against humanity.

Screenshot 2015-02-06 11.32.51

So it’s not surprising why the politicians don’t hear much from people on the issue when you’ll be subjected to these kinds of tactics.

Well, for continuing to speak for our family farm, the latest thing these activists are doing is attempting to smear those who speak out.  It turns out that Naomi Carmona of the Babes Against Biotech has gone on a domain fishing hunt by buying up anyone’s name who doesn’t support them.  Take a look at what she has purchased.



Yes, why would anyone bother to speak up when you’ll get cyber squatted and possibly bullied that way? Oh, yes, and she has gone even further by actually purchasing a blog post and posting something on me!

Screenshot 2015-02-06 11.42.11


It really doesn’t bother me that these activists do this type of thing.  It’s only a reflection of the kind of people they truly are.  They continue to claim that I have no aloha and I don’t do what is pono but the evidence shows otherwise. Posting what you and your followers state is called holding you accountable. You said it and should be responsible for it, if not, don’t say it. Honestly, what normal person goes out and buys domains of people whom disagrees with you and puts a website under it? Isn’t that an attempt to cyber bully to send people at me? Sure appears that way.

The bottom line is that when you speak up in Hawaii, these anti-aloha folks prove themselves over and over again.  They may be numerous and loud but it doesn’t make them right.  Instead of debating on facts, they resort to personal attacks.  It just validates that facts are useless in these issues. While the politicians heard from just 18 opposers and some 600 supporters, it’s doesn’t add to any justifications.

How did Ashley Lukens of the Center for Food Safety and folks get so many to send testimony in? Easy. Align with Naomi and her Babes Against Biotech. These anti-aloha groups are one in the same. Let’s give them a little rope and see if they can do what is pono.



7 thoughts on “Why Politicians Hear From Very Few People in the Anti-GMO Debacle

  1. Nearly all of the testimony was boiler-plate with people simply signing their names to words written by others. I doubt they even read the bill. It’s too bad lawmakers are so easily duped by the sheeple strategy.
    Sorry to see you are under BAB attack. They apparently find you very threatening.

  2. Yes, these people make it so “fun” to speak up! We get lots of nice comments like “drink Round UP” and “I want to hang you in my backyard”. They dehumanize the families in biotech so that the BAB followers feel good about hurting fellow humans. This kind of behavior needs to be called out more! Thanks Joni.

    • Exactly. They call the big ag folks bullies and then lumps anyone who speaks against them and subject us to this nastiness. No more of this and it’s time to use rational folks in the discussion if there is to be one. No one should ever tolerate this behavior from adults!!

  3. I’m not a farmer, I don’t pretend to know a darn thing about farming, but I do know that it took a whole year, and a lot of frustration just to get my backyard, chili pepper plant to fruit, so I have TONS of respect for ALL farmers. I don’t feel I have enough information on either side of the debate to make any kind of determination on what is good/bad or otherwise, but there are about 6 billion people in the world, and way less farming than there used to be when our population was much smaller. How are we supposed to feed everybody using these natural, traditional methods these activists are talking about? I don’t think it’s possible unless everybody quits their corporate jobs and starts growing some food. I, personally, have no problem with many things GMO because I realize it allows me to enjoy many of the conveniences that make my life comfortable, and pleasurable. Truthfully, I’m really just tired of hearing all the talk from these activists, and not seeing any action. Not even seeing any kind of PLAN of action. It’s always just a bunch of talk, and finger-pointing, and name-calling. If Ms. Carmona really wants to make a difference, she should trade her bikini for some jeans, long sleeves, work boots, and gloves and start farming. Instead of trying to bring people down, why don’t they boost themselves up, and actually do everything they CLAIM is possible to do? So many people have put down farmers, and questioned their methods, yet I don’t see any one of them farming. If these people feel they can grow enough crop to sustain our State without GMO and pesticides, and everything else they’re against, then DO IT! They seem to think it’s such an easy thing to do, so I expect to see products from Barca Farms, Carmona Produce, and Hooser Dairy on our supermarket shelves in the very near future.

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