How Big is Your Heart?

It’s a really soggy and blustery Valentine’s Day here in Hawaii. No outdoor time today with this weather but a good time to sit down and spend time with my kiddies.

My youngest is snuggled up in my arms as I type this. I look at his soft rosy cheeks and think back about when my older daughter was born 9 years ago. I remember just feeling a huge rush of happiness and love when she was born. It was just an amazing feeling that is indescribable.

When my second daughter was born, I used to think that how could I have enough love to give to another one. I learned that each child just makes your heart grow even more. Now with my newest addition, the amount of love one can feel is truly endless.

The same is true for the other things in life that I love doing and am passionate about. The more things we care about and help others, the more we grow as a person. My dad always told me as a teen, whatever you do in life, be sure to help others. That is my motto for everything I do.

Whether it be working with my seniors at work or volunteering at a health center for the less fortunate, this world needs more people who give of themselves. I don’t have a lot of time but I make the time and effort to give back. I want to lead in example to my kids how we all can make a difference in this world in action and in word. What can we do to help others and share the talents and skills that we have? We all have something to give!

So on this Valentine’s Day, share your love with others and grow your heart and mind!



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