What Are You Giving Back?

The Star Advertiser loves to give attention to protesters.

It really bothers me that Hollywood stars have convened upon our state when it comes to supposed hot topic issues.  We’ve had Darryl Hannah, Roseanne Barr, Kelly Slater, Bette Midler, and Ben Stiller getting involved with the GMO protests.  Now Jason Momoa is involving himself in the TMT protests also.

If you’re going to block something, I hope that there is a tangible alternative that could be offered.  It’s one thing to be against something but hopefully have something to give.  When Hannah, Barr, Stiller, and Midler got involved with the anti-GMO issue, did we see something come out of it? Did we get more local foods grown? Has more farmers farmed? Have they made farm land cheaper? Did they create economic alternatives to those who would be displaced by getting seed farms shut down? None of these alternatives were ever thought of and backed by a real action plan.

It’s fine that Jason Momoa can protest the telescope but will he provide a plan to help the community that stands to benefit from it? How will he help stimulate Hilo’s economy long after the protesters leave? Will he provide educational funding that was agreed upon with the building of the TMT? What high tech opportunities will be replaced in that area? What construction jobs will be provided if it isn’t built? Has he promised to provide financial support to educating the Hawaiians long after the protests are done? 

Just like the biotech issue, it seems that people are so willing to block everything and use a lot of false information to base their assertions upon.  Yes, we need to malama the Aina and that means everywhere.  Who is cleaning up the junk cars left in the rural areas of our island? Who is cleaning out the water ways that run into the ocean like the Ala Wai canal? Who is cleaning up the trash piles left by the homeless in our communities? Who is refusing to drive their car to keep the air clean? How is each and every person restoring the sacredness back to our whole island? 

It’s one thing to protest, but we’ve got to stop and ask ourselves, what have we given back? How are we contributing to the big picture of helping our communities, the aina, and the people? Focusing just on one issue doesn’t serve us well.  Let’s expand that attention and energy everywhere to Hawaii to have an even bigger impact for everyone.


2 thoughts on “What Are You Giving Back?

  1. I think its safe enough to say the intention of tmt project wasnt with much emphasis on helping the big island economy or society. But like you said, its interesting what triggers people to action, while easily submitting to other harmful acts. There are so many reasons so many factors creating this, where to start. There are so many ways to give back, where to start?

    But since you asked, this is at least my bit, Im living minimally, as in I have one lightbulb. That’s to reduce my needs, so that I’m able to give more. Im growing food to give away, not to sell, just free food. We live on an island that produces almost everything, but most are still buying all imported ‘bads’. What a pity.

    On my free time, I build homes and gardens for people from local or reclaimed resources, pick up trash and work with their kids.

    That’s not a lifestyle for everyone but Im happy with it. I still own a car, have a cell phone, and get the occasional milkshake from kens.

    People need to be inspired, to be shown ways to better the land and community, that’s education not easily found in our schools or media influences. And when you help, what do you usually get back? Not much incentive other than a self pat on the back. Karma always reaches you though. Many people want to give back, they just dont know where or how to start. That’s probably why focusing on just one thing and jumping onto the wagon once its already rolling seems good, its instant gratification. Long term gratification just doesn’t appeal to many people, its not what we’re used to.

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