Agriculture Awareness Day 2015


Yesterday was the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation’s annual Ag Day at the State Capitol in Honolulu.  As always, the ag community came out to educate the public and our politicians about farmers and food.

I took off of work to help my dad out for the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association table.  Instead of slicing papayas this year, we handed out the whole fruit.  The papayas we gave out were the Rainbow type from a new field my dad bought up in Haleiwa.

Off grade fruits that are too small to sell in the stores but perfectly delicious to eat.

I even brought along my Biofortified plushies of Frank N. Foode and Lanakila Anuenue Papaya.  These were total hits and awesome conversation starters.   



Courtesy of Sarah Thompson.

Courtesy of Mae Nakahata.


Courtesy of Mae Nakahata.


Courtesy of Janelle Saneishi.

Mahalo to all of our friends and supporters who stopped by for a papaya and came with an open mind to learn more about papayas.  The more people support local farmers, the more they can produce those locally grown foods.  

Never forget to be grateful for the food you eat and the things you wear and use. You can bet that a farmer had something to do with it!



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