Remembering Those Who Gave

Memorial Day is always a somber day for me.  I usually don’t get the day off since I work in health care where there are no days where caring takes a break.  In my career of nearly 15 years, I’ve met a lot of WWII veterans and heard their stories.  Many of these men and women have vivid memories of what happened and never forget those experiences and can recall the loss of so many of their comrades.  These people were bound by a duty to fight for the freedom of others.

I can’t help but get irked by the fact that the March Against Monsanto also falls on the same weekend.  While we honor the soldiers who fought for our freedom and others, the anti-GMO crowd would rather protest and block others from a tool that can give them food security and prevent debility.  These people are solely focused on what they eat and their own selfish “rights.” What about the rights of others to simply have food? Because we are well fed and sheltered, we have a duty to ensure that others can have that basic right.  However, that thought never crosses their mind.

As I watch the festivities happening this weekend, it’s clear that this is a time for respect and mutual collaboration.  Our veteran’s cemeteries are all being provided with leis and flags by community groups and ceremonies are being organized to remind us of the ultimate sacrifice given by many people over the decades in the fight to preserve our freedoms.

We, as a community and as a state, needs to return to those old but timeless values that applies beyond our immediate home.  We are a part of the greater global community that each of us play a part in.  What we support sends a message to the world since we have become the leaders.  

There are people doing good in the world to help others.  If we aren’t going help them, shouldn’t we at least lend our support?  The biotech controversy here sets a precedence worldwide that fear and misinformation is allowed to make poorly crafted legislation.  Allowing people to do that creates chaos and a dysfunctional society.

When people resort to just tearing the high achievers down, we get no where really fast.  It’s like crabs in a bucket. No one can accomplish anything when all the time and effort is spent tearing down the ones reaching the summit.

If we want to strive for the best outcomes, we need to work together.  No war could have been won if people didn’t work together and freedom would have been lost.  If our time is spent fighting the food fight, we can lose out on affordable and abundant food.  

It’s time to ask ourselves whether or not we want to eat or keep fighting.  We will have nothing to eat or nourish us if we attack our farmers.  If you aren’t farming, maybe you need to do things the way you want it or get out of the way!



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