What Happened to We Are the World Kind of Thinking?

I remember as a kid this song that really touched me.  To see so many stars get together for a single cause to end suffering was truly moving.  I have to stop and ask myself, what happened to that feeling of compassion for others? Have we forgotten to think about our fellow human being worlds away from us?

Maybe it’s because the millennials behind the anti-GMO movement didn’t know this song or many of the stars who came together to support this cause.  Maybe it’s because they weren’t seeing images of suffering on TV very much.  Maybe they are too focused on themselves and what they eat that they can’t possibly see anyone else’s needs.  Maybe they weren’t taught to think of others after their needs were met.  Maybe they have never know the trials and tribulations with growing up on a farm.

I grew up in a time where I had very little and when there was a little bit of ability to treat ourselves, it really was a treat.  I wasn’t made to feel guilty that I had to eat spam and rice with canned corn.  I didn’t care if my clothes were sewn by my mom or secondhand from my cousins.  I didn’t have brand new books to read because we just couldn’t afford it.  I learned how to appreciate the things I had.  I was also taught to give to others if we had extra.  That’s the life lesson learned on the farm.

We saved the junky, ugly fruits for ourselves while the customers received the most beautiful ones.  If we had other produce like corn or cucumbers grown, we’d cut up all the bug eaten stuff and save the good parts for our dinner.  We weren’t worried about how it looked or what kind of label it had.  We wanted food that didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

What really are our priorities in this world?  Is it to remained worried about what WE are going to eat and how it’s grown and what kind of labels we demand on our food? Or is there a higher priority for us as first world citizens to consider for those in our own country and the world community who aren’t as lucky?

So what happened to the compassionate feelings of the We are the World kind of thinking in this day and age?  It’s time for us to reflect on the world we want for the present and future.

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