Feel the Bern?

Nope.  After seeing so many anti-GMO activists with those bumper stickers and knowing what they have done, I definitely do not #feelthebern.

I do not want my children to ever act like this.  They will not be buying people’s domain names and making up fake websites for them.  Nor will they put threats of crop destruction or hate comments about issues they aren’t educated about.  They will be held fully responsible for their actions and know it.

In a world where there is too much bad behavior already, I won’t add to a new generation that accepts it.  We need more upstanding citizens that will work together and be collaborators and think about the future, not at the issue of the moment.  We need critical thinkers and not hobby activists who threaten our future.  We need problem solvers and innovators.  We don’t need insulting, childish, and blockers progress in the name of conspiracies.  These people will lead us no where and when a real problem arises, they will turn to science to solve it.  That is the truth that they refuse to accept.




One thought on “Feel the Bern?

  1. Very well said! I enjoy reading your blog and I find it sad when others engage in immature behavior. It appears that many anti-GM activists are not interested in working for solutions. They are more concerned about being crusaders and having a cause so that they look good in the eyes of others. Keep up the good work!

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