Harsh Truths

Many folks are wondering why I told the story of my brother in the last two blog posts I wrote.  Knowing how fast rumors can travel in this day and age, I asked him if he wanted me to write it.  He did tell me that he wanted his story told so that it brings greater awareness to his health issues and what’s happening on the farm.  At his blessing, I told his story.

I shouldn’t be surprised that people started accusing me of lying and “using” him.  The facts are the facts and I can’t change the way events are happening and how it’s unfolding.  He’s sick with lupus and still trying to work on the farm while also worried about defending it.  This life in real time for real farmers.  That is our story and the truth about farm life.  It’s one too few will hear.

There are many people who are suffering with debilitating illnesses that there is no cure for.  There are many scientists working to find a cure or treatment for it.  We can’t address this problem if resources aren’t directed at this issue.  When loud, uniformed people try to influence policies with poorly vetted information, society suffers as a whole.  When science becomes dismissed as “propaganda,” we are headed down a slippery slope.  Who will solve the many problems in this world like impending famines, droughts, infectious diseases, and other things that will plague mankind?

The attacks against science and innovation in Hawaii isn’t going to help our future.  It leaves us disabled from solving real problems in the near future.  I myself am getting tested for lupus and as a possible carrier, my children may face this disease too.  What options will they have for a better life?

I truly believe that society has to embrace science and the many advances we are seeing over fearing and blocking it.  Solutions aren’t going to come from blockers but from the knowledgeable ones who are working at improving lives.  May stories from my family help move us towards that future.  That is our hope with telling these stories.




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