Pandemic Priorities

Life changed for many starting in March. Thousands of businesses had to close putting lots out of work. Things are still not back to normal yet.

What have we learned from this pandemic? Based on my observations while shopping, people want what works, and they don’t care about the toxicity either. Bleach, Lysol, and other disinfects were flying off shelves in a matter of minutes while the all natural, earthy marketed stuff sat on shelves untouched. The more expensive organic toilet papers and cleaners sat untouched while the conventional stuff were completely gone. People even listened to the EPA’s findings that found Lysol to be effective at killing this virus but scoffed when it came down to glyphosate.

With hundreds of thousands out of work, food became a priority. Cars would line up for hours to get a food box and I doubt any drove by demanding organic food. The carcinogenic stuff like Spam, Vienna Sausage, and corned beef were hard to find on the shelves. Even flour has been hard to come by while the expensive gluten-free, organic flours remained well stocked. Why were consumers not buying up these products that marketers were so keen on labeling as “better” for you?

Truth be told that people know that those “harsh” chemicals work and food is food when a pandemic hits. So many were demanding GMO labeling years ago really didn’t care about that label while shopping. People were scared and stocking up on what they know are comfort staples. Food elitism took a backseat.

Right on cue, the disinformation activists have started up again with spreading doubt and distrust. Facts have been distorted and fantastic stories are spreading all over the internet like wildfires. Claims that Bill Gates has a devious plan is being believed by so many. Public health officials are being threatened and harassed to the point that they are quitting. Why is this happening?

I have a theory as to why this has been happening. For years, politicians allowed anti-vaccine and anti-GMO forces to have a spotlight. They believed that by allowing them a say was important for making policies. None of what was being claimed could be refuted by the politicians. This was basically a mish mash of beliefs that was allowed to stand. The scientific community being the minority could not compete to get facts at the forefront. For years this was allowed to happen and distrust has grown to the point where the US is losing its grip on the pandemic.

Many want to blame one person for this problem but do not look further than our own politicians across the states and globally who supported the squeaky, factless wheels to garner votes. Now these same politicians are facing the screamers amidst a pandemic and are frozen to act. They’ve dug themselves into a hole and it’s taking everyone down.

Will it take the devastation of a pandemic to make us see the importance of science based policies?If we don’t, we will all pay for the consequences of the muddying up of facts in some way or another.


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