Poisoning of People

Just today, Senator Roz Baker and other senators called for the firing of Dr. Lorrin Pang, a long time anti-GMO touter and source of disinformation for his association with a group promoting quackery for COVID. It is quite funny to see this because the anti-GMO folks will fight tooth and nail against Senator Baker because she fought against buffer zones on farms, even if Dr. Pang is wrong.

I was reading a post of a long time anti-GMO activist who remains mad about Senator Baker because she still feels like they are allegedly still in danger from farms. As I read the comments, I saw the same old followers admitting that they are taking the quack cure of ivermectin to protect against COVID. Mind you, these same folks claimed that they have done their research on this and can attest to it.

Well, let me chuckle a bit more because their whole mantra was that farmers were poisoning them. Let’s really dig deeper on that shall we?

The mean lethal dose, or LD50, of the pesticide they banned, chlorpyrifos is 90-270 mg/kg in rats. That means it will take that amount to kill 50% of the testing population. Source: http://extoxnet.orst.edu/pips/chlorpyr.htmhttp://extoxnet.orst.edu/pips/chlorpyr.htm

The LD50 of glyphosate is 4320 mg/kg in rats. Source: http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/archive/glyphotech.html#acute

The LD50 of hydroxychloroquine is 1240 mg/kg in rats. Source: https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/236412374.pdf

The LD50 of ivermectin is 11 mg/kg in rats. Source: https://go.drugbank.com/drugs/DB00602

So, if we want to talk about the toxicity of these substances, the smaller the number, the higher the toxicity. So can you guess which one is the most toxic?

Yes, it’s Dr. Pang’s Pono Coalition’s recommendation that so many of his anti-GMO followers are taking over the vaccine. I have to laugh because they mocked me as being sheep but, uh, they are the ones taking enough of a toxic substance made for sheep!


4 thoughts on “Poisoning of People

  1. You’ve posted highly biased and irrelevant comparisons. I have used Ivermectin for a fungal infection as well as HCQ for malaria contracted in Vietnam. No side effects and conditions treated successfully.
    Perhaps you’d care to show us the toxicity of…say chemotherapeutic drugs? Or Oxycontin?
    What you seem to miss is that proper dosing for ANY medication is key. You simply assume Pang does not know or care about that. Disingenuous at best, downright purposefully misleading at worst.

    • Those drugs have had extensive studies to be approved for those used where as ivermectin has shown to not be effective and is not approved for viral infections like COVID in the meta-analyses. Is it safe for people to pull dewormers off vet shelves and self medicate? Oxycodone and chemotherapy drugs are prescribed by licensed and trained physicians in the proper doses. Those meds are also highly regulated and monitored.

      Dr. Pang telling folks to take ivermectin without even assessing the patient is pure quackery like Dr. Oz.

  2. Could you ever imagine that the same people who are fighting GMO’s have become the leading critics of the “unvaccinated”? They are even developing plants that will deliver the vaccine in food. They hate big farm pesticide companies but love big pharmaceutical companies! It’s a crazy time.

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