With Great Love

Yesterday we had to send our beloved cat, Asher, over the rainbow bridge. He had come down with a urethral blockage that could not be fixed and was suffering. It is never easy to make that decision but I could not let that poor cat be in pain and discomfort.

Thankfully, the vet allowed all of us to be present for our last goodbyes and that was just heartbreaking driving there with my 3 kids. I had to keep wiping back tears as we made the drive that evening while the kids sobbed.

The whole event made me realize that with great love comes great sadness when life ends. Across the world, so many others are crying too when peace ends. We’ve had so many years of peace that we must go through a war to learn the true value of what it really means.

Our kids had so many great years with our Asher cat and had so much love for him. We are reminiscing all the funny stories and cuddly moments we had with him. He gave us so much love and we to him. We will truly cherish our memories of him yet still grieve he is not with us.

I hope that the people in Ukraine stay strong and safe in these tumultuous times and those not in the war really understand the value of peace.


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