How Hawaii Will Achieve Food Sustainability: Jail a Farmer!


Breaking News on GMOs: It made front page news today of the Star Advertiser that people want to have their genetically modified labeled.  Well, a majority of some 642 people apparently do.  So how are legislators attempting to satisfy what 487 people want?

They are going to do GE food labeling at the STATE level by the Department of Health!  (Of course the anti-GMO crowd will say that 62 countries label their GMOs!  So we should too!  When did Hawaii become a country?!)

Of course we can’t quite figure out why this law is needed in the first place, other than people like Nomi Carmona, who believes that lilikois grow on trees and that there are GMO melons in Kunia.  She apparently has an inherent “right to know.”  She and others can’t figure out that foods without the organic label isn’t GMO and it’s a travesty.  The others clamoring for this right to know also think that snowballs don’t melt because of chemtrails, since they apparently skipped out on science class to learn about something called sublimation.

And if you read SB2521 carefully, it is all spelled out there on how they are going to enforce such a law.  No one has yet to die of GMOs, but when and if it happens, our politicians will be there to save us from it with this label.  Just in case it doesn’t kills us, they were trying to make raw milk more available to help address that issue.

If one does not comply with this law after January 1, 2015, the penalties are as follows:


Yes, if that locally grown biotech food and other products aren’t labeled, you can get fined, jailed, and sued.  Since the anti-GMO people can’t get it banned, the alternative is to jail the farmers and others who feed us.

Earthjustice and Center for Food Safety is also ready to work for some dough to sue food producers and farmers if this benign food is not labeled.  These two groups apparently had too many GMOs shoved down their throats laced with swigs of RoundUp unwittingly from being on Kauai several months ago, which caused them to develop a severe case of dementia as a result.  That’s why they never went back to defend the county as promised.  But hey, they had their colons cleansed back on the mainland with their organic food and are ready to jump back into the muck of Hawaii politics for the rubbah slippah folks!

Hawaii politicians who put their name to this kind of bill should be highly commended for their skillfulness to craft laws that really look towards the future.  The way to achieving affordable, local, and sustainable food supply is really simple.  Jail and fine those farmers for growing food for us.  That’s how our leaders do their best to support agriculture here.

It’s a really proud day in Hawaii when the politicians show their thanks to the farmers!  Welcome to your cold cell Mr. Farmer!

**If you agree with this way of achieving their goal, please thank them by sending this quick email .  The farmers really look forward to spending time in jail over a label.**


Time to Turn the Tables on Activist Supported Politicians


As I write my thoughts on this blog, I have been quite direct in who I am targeting it towards.  (Why beat around the bush and be coy?)  I’ve seen many of these same politicians acting high and mighty with lots of their pandering followers giving their support.  I find it quite funny how the followers of these politicians are so thankful and grateful towards them, but are down right nasty to others elsewhere who disagree with their views.

As a daughter of a biotech papaya farmer, I’ve had my share of these dual faced activists’ comments.  I chose to speak out for the papaya farmers because I know firsthand what happened to many of these farmers.  So many lost everything to the virus and had to make up for losses as a result.  Then when research provided a glimmer of hope and things started to look brighter, these farmers are subjected to the hate and misinformation campaign by these activists.  They are ready to take away something from the farmers but have nothing to offer in return.  Then when farmers start to speak out against them, they become targets themselves.

I have been writing many politicians with my thoughts and opinions, as well as noting what I have seen being done by a certain class of them in office.  When they are called out, these politicians clearly don’t like being targeted in my blog.  Good because you can walk in the shoes of the same farmers who have been targets for the past several years now.  You can also feel some heat that your fellow politicians who have helped us have experienced.

When you as a leader fail to see how your proposed laws are affecting agriculture, the silent public’s opinion should not be discounted.  Those who are unhappy with you are no longer going to grumble quietly to themselves and not say anything.  We are coming out just like the activists too and we expect to be heard and considered.

Leaders like Senator Clarence Nishihara, Representative Richard Onishi, Hawaii County Council Member Greggor Ilagan, Kauai County Council Member Mel Rapozo and Ross Kagawa, and Mayor Carvalho have all been targets of the activists like Babes Against Biotech, Hawaii SEED, and all the other anti-GMO groups.  I have yet to see any other legislator stand up against these groups for these barrage of attacks that they levy towards these leaders.  These groups enrage the masses with so much hate towards these people, while their preferred politicians quietly sit back and let it all happen.

What’s even worse is that certain politicians then accuse farmers of being the bullies?  Say what? What kind of leadership is that?  The complacency sends me the message that they support this kind of tactics.  That is truly disappointing to me.

What leader fans fires?  Unfortunately, we have many who have contributed to this problem.  Some are driven by fear to sit back and do nothing, some are egotistical, and some are fueled by the highs of the moment.  In either case, these are not leaders.

However, when I, a single person, place my opinion on my blog about politicians’ actions, they don’t like it at all and have told me.  I’m one person.  I don’t go out telling hundreds of others to go after people.  I state my take on the issue.  If it hits a nerve with you, let’s talk about it.

Babes Against Biotech and others sow seeds of fear and discord among hundreds that direct their spiteful words towards politicians either, and there is no condemnation of that by their preferred politicians.  It’s allowed to happen right in public view.  I am speaking my views and I don’t agree with what many leaders are doing and I’m telling them out loud.  I don’t put out nasty memes of targets on people’s heads or photoshop them to look awful.

I know that I must be causing a stir among our political leaders because I’ve noticed that I’ve been blocked by them on the social media.  You know who you are and why you choose to do that.  As a leader chosen by the people, I would have expected one to have a higher standard for one’s actions and consider the evidence and everyone that put you there in office.

Sometimes the truth isn’t what you want to hear, and hiding from it under the loudest activist is the easiest and least painful route to take in the public arena to save your public office seat.