Succumbing to Fear: The Mexican Limbless Baby Born Near GMO Crops

There’s only a few weeks more until the vote in Maui County to place a “moratorium” on the biotech crops.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that the activists are going strong with the fear mongering.  Here’s the latest scare image that passing around again to spook parents to buy into the ideology.

mexico GMO

Yes, it is indeed scary and refers to a mother in Mexico who lived by GMO corn crops.  Note that Mexico has NO crops approved for commercial cultivation to begin with!  And of course on the meme, there’s no source of where this photo comes from and any other details about it.  It just is terrifying for the unsuspecting person!

However, when you do a bit of searching on this image you’ll see a completely different story of the source.  The actual source of the image comes from a well-known anti-GMO website.  The story is completely different from the one being told by the poster.  It has NOTHING to do with GMO corn fields!

Screenshot 2014-09-14 18.56.19

Note that they defects that the baby pictured has is called tetra amelia syndrome is genetic in nature.  There is nothing to show that it has anything to do with pesticides and is extremely rare.  With GMO crops being grown globally and for the majority of farms in the US, shouldn’t this be more common.  It’s not.  It’s clear that this is fear mongering at best when you did further for the truth!

Here’s a corrected meme that should be passed around the social media so that more people don’t get freaked out by the outright lies that these activists have no problem spreading around.



Fear Mongering: The SHAKA Movement Insults Our Intelligence and Admits to a BAN!


This is the latest “scare the crap out of you” meme going around the social media once again to try to convince people to vote for the Maui County Moratorium in November.  Seriously, there are people that actually believe these memes unfortunately and they do vote.  This meme clearly spells out the intent of the moratorium as it the finally admit that it indeed is a ban to stop any biotech farming there on Maui and Molokai.  Eventually, the anti-GMO crowd will admit the truth and publish it outright too.

Well, I can’t just sit back and let this kind of fairy tale idea about biotech flood the social media.  I decided to make my own correction to it to bring us back to reality and away from the Galactic Connection aliens that have abducted the minds of those in the Shaka Movement.  Here’s my take on this meme…


Even better yet, here’s one with a bit more information too!


If you ever stop and notice the Shaka Movement site, not once will you ever see the word “akamai” on there.  I’ve figured out that these people don’t want anyone to be akamai, or smart apparently.