The Machine Continues: How Minds Unleashed Annihilated Rational Thought

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This is the latest piece of anti-biotech articles being passed around the internet again.  It should not be of any surprise that the internet is once again being filled with these kind of sites.  Why? The vote on the Maui County Moratorium is only a few months away and the pushers of the “you’re dying and the earth is being killed” folks want to make sure they keep their momentum up.  Data or evidence just doesn’t matter to them, only the mantras are of what is important.

It’s the typical tactic of these groups to gain more unsuspecting folks to believe in this ideological movement.  The evidence will say otherwise but none will ever be considered by people moved by fear, misinformation, and and constant barraging of the same message over and over.  Little do most people realize that the source of the site, Mind Unleashed is yet another site full of half truths and disinformation and it shouldn’t be surprising that the sources used (Organic Prepper, Nation of Change, and Natural Revolution) are also questionable.

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Like a friend of my mentioned a few days ago, if it really was big news, then why isn’t it being reported on CNN, ABC, KHON2, Hawaii News Now and others? It’s always found on obscure websites that lean towards conspiracy theories and the naturalistic fallacy once again.  The anti-GMO crowd will never research their links or sources and just believe without needing any proof.  It’s complete confirmation bias for people who just don’t know where to start to question this stuff to begin with.  The correction for this piece should look like this…