Confessions of an Anti-GMO Politician

This is something that several of our Hawaii legislators will never confess to but willingly do it.  These politicians are quick to criticize GMOs and state that we must use the precautionary principle to protect the public from dangers.  They will give their “expertise” on GMOs even though they have no clue as to the changes of technology and the testing of it.  They will tell the public over and over that you have to buy GMO free if you want better health.  They will fight the seed companies and state that the counties need to have home rule for governing over the creators of these GMOs that eventually become food products.

They even play traditional Hawaiian games with Walter Ritte and photograph themselves doing so with smartphones and use the high tech social media to spread it.  They will then claim that it’s the public’s right to know what they are eating when really, it only helps a certain industry and increases profits in their side businesses.

The bottom line is that these politicians want the public to know is that they are in danger of these GMOs that we are consuming.  The public must believe them and fight the evil cause.

All the meanwhile, these same politicians go out to other’s fundraisers and happily consume these GMOs without and question of what they are eating and drinking.  The liquor they drank and the dim sum they ate were far from being organic, but they still ate.  They are alive without a single issue after years of fundraisers and free food and drink even though they will tell constituents otherwise.

Those two anti-GMO politicians tonight were Senator Russell Ruderman and Representative Kaniela Ing at the Freshman Fundraiser at the GMO serving restaurant, The Mandalay.  These two were consuming foods derived from the products of biotechnology that they are fiercely criticizing yet willingly consume without a label.

I sure hope that deep inside, Senator Ruderman and Representative Ing thank those conventional and biotech farmers who grew the food they consumed tonight!  It really looked like you enjoyed consuming it without any worry or care.


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