The Real Tragedy of the GMO Free Marches

From Maui Now with Dustin Barca

Last week Sunday was yet another march against biotechnology on Maui.  There were quite a bit of pictures and videos posted throughout the internet showing several hundred people.

That makes me really sad to see that.  They were there to protest perceived evil corporations, alleged poisoning of the aina, and for saving humanity against chemicals.  These marchers were joined by this common cause that they felt compelled to have anger and hate towards.  They have been told over and over again that they are being poisoned and float in a state of persecution and paranoia.

These people joined together through the modern technology provided by corporations.  Many found out via Facebook and Twitter that there was to be this march.  Some even used corporate made planes and cars to get to that meet up.  They used ethanol fuel derived from the very thing that they were protesting.  There had to be a few that drove in GMO derived electric car batteries too.

As I looked closer at the marchers, I started to see that these people are not aware of the extent of how biotechnology is woven in our world.  I saw one of the leaders of the march, Dustin Barca, wearing leather shoes and cotton fatigues that likely came from GMO cow hide and GMO cotton grown in India or Pakistan.  Lots of people wore jeans and clothing that weren’t likely from organic cotton sources either.

It is pretty clear from the photos that were taken on corporate made devices and the marches were recorded on high tech cameras like GoPro ones.  Many used WiFi with it’s radio waves surrounding them with no idea of what they are being exposed to.  They downloaded videos onto corporate supported sites like YouTube and others to share their adventures to followers.  These marchers refuse to accept technology for farming but easily accept it in any other form or fashion if it supports their cause.

People also carried water bottles that came from GMO corn derivatives and had no thought in the world of how it was made.  Some even left the march and went out to eat at a GMO restaurant.  They screamed at how GMOs were being shoved down their throats and want it labeled, but go out to eat without any consideration of what they just said.

They walked in the hot sun under a lot of solar radiation with no fear in the world of what it was doing to the DNA in their skin.  They willingly exposed themselves to something that has proven harmful and modifies our genetics but all natural.  There was no screaming or yelling that they were having their DNA altered without their consent.

The marchers had signs that they didn’t like the chemicals being used on the seed farms.  There were hundreds of signs that were used in these marches.  What happened to them afterwards?  Did they save them to use for another march or was it thrown into the landfill where it can’t be recycled?  What impact did these hundreds and signs have on our aina?  Did it beautify our beautiful landscape or add to the trash pile of useless things and add blight to our islands?

Chemicals are very scary to these people even though they likely used them to protect their skin from the naturally occurring DNA altering radiation.  The marches willingly subject themselves with chemicals in sunscreens to stop the mutations caused by the natural radiation of the sun and have no fear of being exposed for hours at a time.

Signs were carried and painted on with some GMO derived soy paint or some artificial mixtures of chemicals used for acrylic paints.  They rinsed the brushes that contained these paints and added chemicals to the water sources that entered the sewer systems.  Not a blink of the eye occurred while doing such a thing with chemicals.  Some signs, like the surfboard, was sprayed with spray paint, which that user likely had some chemical drift from that they inhaled.  That person survived to protest that day despite the exposure.

Quite a few marchers wore tattoos and displayed them at their march.  These tattoos likely came from synthetic sources that they intentionally injected into their skin with no qualms about it.  The needles used to apply the tattoos were also disinfected with lab derived chemicals to prevent some spread of deadly diseases.  None of this crossed their minds.  The inks likely didn’t have any long term safety tests either but the marchers love to use it and aren’t afraid of it.  They then decry the precautionary principle but are willing take these unknown risks.

I did notice that some people had nicely highlighted or dyed hair also.  They directly applied chemicals to their hair and allowed it to be near skin so that their hair had nice colors and tints.  As I looked at some of the leaders of this movement, I find it hard to believe that they do not dye their hair.  I’ve never seen an older woman with jet black hair and such even curls.  There was not a thought in a world ever considered that this was a chemical and its impact on our aina and reefs.  It had to be rinsed down the drain and entered our waters with no thought of the real harm this could cause our earth.

The even sadder fact was that these people brought their children with them to protest something.  Kids got to be around adults screaming and cursing at Monsanto.  These kids even read the signs painted that GMO means death and they don’t even know what it means.  Kids should be opening their minds to what is going on the world but have slammed the door shut because of the fear and misinformation being fed to their parents. It only makes the next generation hide in a darker corner, so afraid of the science and technology dominating our world and the future.  They also will have a hate and distrust before they even had a chance to truly learn about the whole issue.

The protesters had lots of time to organize and plan these marches too and didn’t have to worry about where their next meal came from.  Some ate GMO snacks on the plane rides over that were offered on the flight.  Were they afraid of what it would do?  No, they ate it without question.  Did these same people have to worry leaving their farms to attend such a march?  No, they don’t farm and it’s pretty obvious with the time they have on their hands.  They directly benefit from the efficiency and productivity created by the ingenuity of the very farmers that they are protesting and don’t even know it.

So much human energy and resources have been put towards being against something.  They all walked together to protest but did they really do all of humans a favor that day?  Or was it a group of people that shared the same beliefs and ideology with no facts to base it upon?  Couldn’t this energy have been devoted to doing something good instead of sharing their common bond of fear and misinformation?  I think so.

The whole idea of people marching for this cause really shows how unaware of the impacts of biotech, and technology in general, has had in their lives.  These people will quickly make accusations against technology, but can’t even see how it has impacted their own lives for the better.  The tragedy in these social marches is that these people protest something they really have little to no awareness of and it obviously shows.



27 thoughts on “The Real Tragedy of the GMO Free Marches

  1. Looks like another great reason to get together and smoke some pot. “Stop poising us” with great-quality, delicious fruits and vegetables!

    • Where is your evidence of this so called pollution that you claim of? Also note that if there is a potential for harm, a label is required. What evidence do you have to support a label? If you’re afraid of it, go organic. It’s clearly labeled for you.

      • Amen. Really ppl know the facts. We’ve been living with worse kinds of pollutions for yrs the sugar co used all kinds. But we’re still alive. Ate these things all our lives NOT DEAD YET. enough is enough. Look at what’s going on in your back yrds. Meth labs. March for METH. really stop Mething around. Hawaiifarmersdaughter, you tell-um.

  2. YES! Bang on, Joni. I have challenged the anti-GMO crowd to go completely 100% GMO free including clothes, technology, material items, etc. and they just don’t “get it”.

  3. I still wonder how many of these people support themselves. They are also looking more and more like (courtesy of Philly Mummers):

  4. People need to learn what GMOS are. They act like these are little chemical bombs growing chemicals. Genetically modified. They are breeding two types of one plant, changing their DNA a bit so they can use their own natural warfare. Yes, plants have their own disease fighters built right in. The problem is they can’t fight off the diseases we have out there. Farming can’t survive without this change. Crops would not grow or they would be diseased. Farms would not be prolific without GMOS. Then you really would be up in arms. We would have shortages in all things farmed. Without corn and soybean alone it would be catastrophic. Yes, and most seeds are dusted with a chemical. This ensures that the product can even begin to grow. I’m not saying everything is rosey, because it’s not. But without new technology our farmers would be shutting down operation. Just read. Read something that isn’t fueled by ignorance. Learn why this is being done. And what GMOS are. Please.

  5. I remember driving by the Dallas Occupy camp and they had signs about ‘Down with BIG OIL” and yet most of them were camping in polyester dome tents. Any bet that they had sleeping bags that were also polyester?

    During the Gulf oil spill, protesters were marching in NOLA and about 2/3 rd of them had a sign in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand. They were worried about chemicals that the EPA monitors didn’t detect.

  6. The single greatest strategic success of the anti-GMO movement was when they succeeded in pretending to be separate from the organic movement. By launching an anti-GMO movement demanding labels on foods merely because they contain genetically-modified organisms, while keeping themselves at arm’s length from this labelling movement, the leaders of the organic movement stand to enjoy their greatest multibillion dollar success ever.

    • I’m right there with you on that. I hate how it gives the organic farmers a bad name within the agriculture industry, but their consumers are somethin’ else. Have never respected how most organic products are marketed—with fear.

      • Quite right Sarah!
        It’s the LEADERS of the organic movement who drive this fear. Honest organic farmers don’t have anything to do with it.

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  8. Anti-GMO is a social movement, propped up by parties, concerts and parades, where people can have a great time and feel okay about hating their fellow man. If they had any basis for their claims, they’d march with dead bodies of people who were killed by GMOs. If they truly believed their words, they’d take their kids away from the “poisoned land and water.” But they don’t, because they know it’s all a game for them. They march against “poison” but are perfectly fine with starvation because it’s “natural.” As long as it’s not THEM starving. They are outliers, self-important radicals that don’t deserve the attention the media likes to give them. Children playing grown-up, satisfying the human desire to help others by sharing Facebook memes and doing no actual good. Fortunately more and more people are seeing them for what they are and dismissing them. I only hope the politicians start to dismiss them, too, and soon, before they kill more people with their ignorance.

  9. Dustin Barca is a cook who only feeds his propaganda to his Anti GMO freaks who think hwy know it all but don’t know crap. Is is such a shame the poor guy is running for mayor of our beautiful island of Kauai, and for him to think he actually has a chance to beat out current beloved mayor Bernard Carvalho just go’s to show how ignorant his lies and propaganda are misleading to people and to himself to actually think he has a chance. I can’t wait to see the voters final count when he gets crushed and humiliated, maybe then he will realize how he needs to come down from his pedastool and face reality and stop spreading his lies and bs to his so called followers!!!!

  10. Bottom line…Not a lot of farmers willing to bust their behinds in order to feed mankind ( & womankind).. I don’t want to farm, my tiny garden is time consuming. For this reason I fully embrace GMO’s….The few farmers left need all the help they can get…..peeps got spoiled when the super market was invented…me included..hummpphhh

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