It’s True! I Proudly Support that Evil GMO!

Here’s a message I received several months ago from the Kauai Mayoral candidate, surfer, and MMA fighter, Dustin Barca.

Screenshot 2014-05-14 16.06.30

Yes, I must be committing a crime against humanity as Dustin states clearly in this message.  I am a horrible person for doing such a thing to be supporting the evil that’s in this world.  But hey, I’m totally fine with it.  I prefer to be with the evil people who are destroying our earth as you have all accused me of and here’s why…

I truly believe in this evil called GMO and am not ashamed to state it.  This evil has the terrible potential to make people’s lives better who I don’t even know.  This evil thing that I support has saved hundreds of papaya farmers across our state continue their work to grow delicious sweet Hawaiian papayas that millions of people can enjoy today.  It is evil to allow any farmer this technology because they should go back to working in offices and away from their farms.

Dad farmer

My evil GMO papaya farmer father who is feeding people this awful poison decade after decade. He too is happy to support this evil and crime against humanity.

Let’s face it, I am born into a pure evil family.  My evil father has been growing these papaya for over two decades and despite being considered a senior citizen, he still continues to toil in his evil GMO fields.  He also is guilty of using evil, earth destructing chemicals to make his papayas growing year after year too.  He’s perfectly healthy even though the good people say that he should have cancer and other diseases from using such horrible substances.  He somehow managed to survive farming back in the 1960’s where a single drop of pesticide killed his farmer friend in Waimanalo.  Oddly enough, he’s been using evil chemicals that supposedly destroy the a’ina but still yield lots of fruits and remains fertile year after year with not a single illness as a result.  The rivers and streams that are bordering his field and toxic and thriving with lots of fish but it doesn’t matter because it’s dead with life.  It doesn’t matter what the facts are, he’s GMO and he’s evil and a horrible person for his work to help Hawaii agriculture.

I am the most awful thing on earth for fighting against labeling my dad’s fruits too because even though it isn’t different than an organic one, I should allow fear mongers dictate to him what he has to do.  It’s evil to fight those contradictory people who say it’s their “right to know” but ultimately want to ban it in the future because being honest about their intent is completely unimportant.  It’s a good thing to say one thing and then say another because it’s okay to be dishonest against farmers that are evil.


Horrible poisonous GMO ready to be served to millions of human experiments for another 2 decades!

I really love this horrible evil thing called GMO because I met a farmer named Ravichandran Vachinathan in India who shared with my why he supports the evil too.  He shared with me that the chemical companies and the agribusiness companies separate in his country.  When GMO cotton became available, farmers wanted these seeds so that they do not have to expose themselves to old toxic pesticides that could kill a person instantly.  Farmers were happy to embrace this evil so that they no longer have to rely on the good old technology.  The good activists worked their hardest to block the evil but did not succeed and farmers were able to get to use this evil.  This evil GMO cotton has allowed them to grow much more with less good old pesticides  and give greater yields and giving them more evil money to take care of their families.  Shame on those farmers for wanting money for their families and not wanting to use those good old pesticides.  Money is the source of all evil and poverty for these families are much better according to the good wealthy activists of Greenpeace.

The evil cotton farmer Ravi who uses this horrible GMO.

This evil will never come to light to help save the eyesight and lives of millions of children in developing countries because the good activists will protect them from it.  There is an evil Golden Rice that farmers may get that will prevent that good thing called blindness and death.  The good activists are fine seeing children going blind and having a parent feel the loss and pain of their child for they are protecting people from a horrible evil.

Screenshot 2014-05-14 16.28.34

I get even more excited about embracing this evil GMO companies who are bringing this horrid technology to poor countries.  The good activists of the Center for Food Safety are ready to keep this evil from expanding its reach to others who would be fed by it.  It’s good to have people starve and have harder times feeding their families with this evil technology.  Suffering with malnutrition and hunger is a good thing for these people because they need a good label to inform them of evil.  It doesn’t matter how this can help others, but evil corporations should not spread this evil to end the good outcomes of the superior ways of growing food.  The good Center for Food Safety has spoken that it is evil to allow corporations to provide technology to help others.

I can’t help but jump on the evil bandwagon because I am selfish for wanting to subject my children to consuming GMO food.  I should feel horribly bad about not spending more money to feed them this good organic food that isn’t anything different than conventional.  I willingly subject my children to food that has been thoroughly tested but is still inherently evil.  This poisonous GMO has caused some kind of horrible harm to them that I just can’t quite see and I know my kids will pay for it in the future.  It’s evil and has somehow allowed them to grow to a healthy ripe age of 8 and 3 amazingly.  I’ll still continue to subject them to this evil for they are guinea pigs in a science experiment.


Dear god, I’ve let my child handle and consume a frankenfood! She loves this evil GMO papaya that she shoves down her throat willingly like a horrible science experiment!

I’ve been reminded so many times that I’m evil for spewing the corporate propaganda of this evil thing.  I am evil for considering that there are hundreds in the scientific community that have accepted the evil evidence of GMOs.  Everyone and anyone who says GMOs are safe are all terrible, awful, devilish people.  It is evil to not believe the good industry that has provided useful information in the form of skulls and crossbones to educate people about it.  The good “educated” people listen to the Babes Against Biotech, GMO Free groups, Gary Hooser, Jessica Wooley, Kelly Slater, Roseanne Barr, Walter Ritte, Earthjustice, the Center for Food Safety who are completely honest with people about this evil GMO.  Fear is good and they should always be held captive in that state for knowing this evil is way more dangerous.


I am just the most horrible person for not reading the truth on the websites like Mercola, Natural News, Sustainable Pulse, AltHealthMed, Organic Consumers Association, RawFor Beauty, GreenMedInfo, and the hundred of other sites.  I am so ignorant for not believing in chemtrails, natural cures, and living chemically free.  I also believe in the horrible gospel known as chemistry and biology that is pure propaganda when people tell you that everything is made up of chemicals.  Understanding how to debunk stuff on those sites is terrible for you need to just believe and not trust anything anyone else say for corporations are always out to kill except those organic corporations.

I really have committed a crime against humanity when I continually write propaganda on my blog about this evil.  I am a horrible person for spewing facts and questioning the good activists who are saving our world.  There are even good activists trying to run for office who are righteous for sending me messages to stop my spreading of this evil.  We must vote good people in who want a healthy dose of fear remain among our public citizens for fear of evil GMO is the right thing to do.  These people do the right thing by supporting only some farmers for that is a good thing because we don’t need any technology in farming at all.  Only some farmers are okay in our islands.

terez amato

A message of righteousness from a good activist running for office on Maui, Terez Amato.

As you can see, I am just a horrible person for wanting others to have access to that evil quality of life and a cleaner environment.  I should only be thinking about what is happening in my own world and not how my actions will affect others around the world, for that is the only good to be had.  I admit, I am purely not capable of doing such a thing.  Myself and others who speak out and support the evil deserve to have the good activists subject others to say and send good messages like these for we deserve it.  It doesn’t matter if the evidence states otherwise, all evil people deserve to be told this no matter what for this is the right thing to do.

Screenshot 2014-02-04 19.57.39


Screenshot 2014-02-04 20.01.46



Screenshot 2014-02-04 13.27.17

KB crop destructor



As you can see, I am just a horrible person at the core that went to the university to learn of this propaganda to only use it the spread pure evil.  I am evil and a demon for even trying to help others who may benefit from it and pointing out how it’s benefitted all of us.  Its even worse that I spread facts and the truth about this terrible technology.  I should be worried about what I’m eating and not about whether others have something to eat and grow for their families.  Because I show now fear, I am the ignorant one pure and simple.

I am even more awful for even allowing my kids to even partake in learning about this evil technology because they will only become bearers of helping others and that is a crime against humanity to save other humans.  Opening a child’s mind to science and wonder is a tragically horrible thing to do for I should be doing good by taking them to protests and concerts to subject them to fear and hate.  Real education of this technology is only propaganda and only pollutes young minds.  Protests and concerts about GMOs are the real truth to the good knowledge that I refuse to participate in.


I have allowed my child to extract this evil thing called DNA and interact with evil scientists who spread the evil doctrine of science.

I am also horrible for supporting scientists like James Brewbaker and Norman Borlaug, who studied ways to help feed the world.  It’s a terrible thing to want to use science to feed people to alter our food even though we have been altering our foods for thousands of years.  Their innovations used by farmers haven’t impacted me at all or the country I live it.  It’s awful to think of others and make more food so that people will not starve.


I will just have to face it that I’ve been a horrible sinner for all the things I have said and done.  However, I will not in my evil conscience stop my propaganda tirades because this evil is the right thing to do for me.  So Dustin, thanks for forgiving me for my crime against humanity.  And Terez, thanks for only supporting the good non-thalidomide papaya farmers because it really does the Hawaii a lot of good.  To all the other commenters who have accused me of being paid to say what I do, yes, I’m paid in knowing that I supported something that help that farmer in India or Africa feed their family safer.  I am even more horrible in that I do this as a free shill for no evil money at all.

I am hoping that others start to join in my evil tirade to spread more propaganda based in science and evidence because I know that this technology has the potential to open minds which is the most awful thing to do.  Will you join me?







8 thoughts on “It’s True! I Proudly Support that Evil GMO!

    • When people have been made so afraid of this technology, it’s know wonder they are acting out as such. The general public needs to know that this is what is happening and the level of disrespect that is leveled at such pioneering folks. He’s well into his 80’s and still goes to work in those corn fields over here.

  1. We’re evil for growing GMO canola and I even get called more evil as I “promote” these as a “nurse”. Sigh. One day people are going to look back at this and wonder what they were so scared of.

    • Its amazingly sad how we have such a fear beleaguered public blocking something that they no nothing about. For those of us who have seen the benefits of it and the science around it, I feel that we should march on with our blogging so that others many not join the ranks of fear.

  2. I’ve already joined you.

    That’s some synopsis you put together there Joni. Dustin Barca is really running for Mayor? God help us all. Someone should remind him that he’ll have to swear to uphold the US constitution if he actually wins.

    Any news on the suits against those anti-gmo ordinances?

    • No news yet on what’s happening here unfortunately. But hey, did you hear Hawaii has it’s own Center for Food Safety office now! Blockade progress at all aspects! That’s the kind of path Hawaii needs to be on… NOT!

      • Yes, ii did read that. Where are all these well fed activists getting their money from?

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