A Canoe Paddled by One Can’t Get Very Far

A day after the Federal court struck down the infamous anti-GMO/anti-pesticide Bill 2491, I was surprised to see content of the author’s blog today. It was titled, “I am determined to win, and they are determined to beat me.”

Just yesterday I did a post about the fracturing of the communities by poor leadership. When this issue becomes an “I” focus that he is being persecuted, how can one lead the community through repairing the damage done? Will a war still be waged by “your” crusade or it is about the community as a whole? It apparently sounds as if this pseudo-leader is not about coming to the table to talk and more about his own agenda and not for the sake of the community. That is extremely disappointing but not surprising.

The ironic thing about his post today is that he not only expresses persecutory ideations but he wants your money to keep him in his position. If we want farmers to farm and grow our agricultural industry, putting money in his kitty doesn’t help at all. What war will he wage next if it’s not this issue? How much more damage do we want this person to enact on our daily lives? It has to stop already.

County Councilman Hooser has shown his true colors when he tried to use my dad to get on another segment of PBS Insights and failed to do so. He’s about himself and not the community. From his involvement with the Hawaii Organic Farmers’ Association to his newly formed non-profit, Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action, it’s all about him.  He chooses to align with activists groups like the Center for Food Safety and Earthjustice, who clearly are not about working together about any issue other than their own agenda.

His true nature was witnessed this weekend at the Kauai County Farm Fair by just showing up. He has supported activists that rudely attacked and disparaged any farmer who spoke up for the Kauai Farm Bureau and sat back and said nothing.  He had to gall to show up there despite all the harm he has done to the reputation of the farm bureau in general.  How does one show ones face at that event?

He never did step up to condemning threats of violence and vandalism either against farmers either.  What kind of leader stands aside and allows the mob to overtake the conversations and any attempt at collaboration?  Is that the leader we want in our community?  Has he shown any attempt to educate people about case law and what happened with the whole legal proceeding?  Nope.  Total inaction on his part completely.

Is our communities tired of fighting and ready to work together towards a common goal or do we remain fractured and dysfunctional? We need good leaders to do this that can use facts and education to do so. Those who choose to only use repetitive messaging and fail to educate people on the law and actions behind it will fail us all as a community.  They are clearly saying that they do not wish to collaborate.  A single toxic leader can only paddle his canoe alone so far in all of this.


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