Thank A Farmer Hawaii!


Hawaii farmers have had their share of bad times having to defend their work.  My dad and brother who work tirelessly day after day and year after year felt really down with the start of the legislative session.  This year really hit my dad and many of our other fellow farmers hard and I think it’s time that those who support them start showing it.

I’m starting a campaign called #ThankAHawaiiFarmer across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Every time you find something grown by a Hawaii farmer, take a photo and hashtag it to show our appreciation of what we have.  When you see that beautiful produce or floral arrangement, capture its beauty and share it.  Dress up your papaya for breakfast and share your delicious meal.  If you’re not a social media connoisseur, you can leave the hashtag on comments of something that features our farmers.  The only rule I ask is that it shows aloha!  

Our farmers have a lot to offer and we should be proud of it.  It also shows the world how beautiful Hawaii agriculture is.  Look around you and just see how lucky we are to have a Hawaii farmer and let’s start thanking them!


2 thoughts on “Thank A Farmer Hawaii!

  1. We bought a pineapple this weekend, but it’s already gone because it was so delicious! So sorry, no pictures! 😦 But now I think we need to look for a Hawaiian papaya, just so I can hashtag a picture. Best wishes to you, your brother, and your dad! Tell them a lot of us mainlanders try to support them as much as we can! πŸ™‚

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