The Tree Huggers are Behind the Bleeding of Aloha

With the recent announcement of the closure of the DuPont Pioneer farm in Kekaha, it’s of no surprise that the no aloha crew is out and about again.  The commentary is just reflective of the lack of aloha about the community employed there. 

I even got a drink your Roundup one too.

  It’s amazing to be that the people who are always professing their love of nature are the most vile and show no compassion or consideration for others.

It’s no wonder people who hug trees or constantly worried about what’s going in their own mouth have never made a real impact in the real world to help others. They are too busy fighting their first world imaginary privilege problems instead of simply supporting something that can make a difference for those who aren’t as lucky as us.

Eating organic, GMO free, and hugging trees clearly don’t make for caring or compassionate people.  These are the folks that behind the bleeding of aloha.



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