The Power of Words

I’m one who will change my stance when the facts are presented.  When the news came out that there was a bullet hole in a telescope door, my gut feeling was that the threats posted on the social media did materialize.  It was with great relief that the facts came out that the hole was caused by an intake valve.  

I corrected my post online as I feel that it is the right thing to do and people deserve some sense of integrity to own up to my mistakes.  It’s only fair that I take responsibility for what I say and take corrective action to make it right.

It’s relieving that the hole was not caused by a gun.  I’m still leery of the threats being made against the people and the project.  The facts still remain that ugly things have been said.  Whether it be the anti-GMO threats of crop destruction of the threats made against the TMT workers, these words have been uttered by individuals.  Misinformation has been spread and not corrected.  I am able to correct mine and ask others to do the same whether you’re in support or against it. 

The quick correction to the story really tampered down the tone on both sides which shows the power of addressing potential misinformation in a timely manner.  

Wouldn’t it be such a nicer world if we all could correct misinformation and stop the spread of it?  


One thought on “The Power of Words

  1. Thank you for always for being so courageous. You face some of the most vile comments and slander because it’s so easy to be nasty on a key board and back it up with a zingy phrase or two. Please keep debunking the woo science, there is so much of that nonsense out there it could be a full time job.

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