Fake Food Group: The Center for Food Safety


Since June 12, 2016, Hawaii has been experiencing a hepatitis A outbreak.  This indeed is a food safety issue that the Hawaii Department of Health has been trying to solve.  Some 206 cases have been reported and the source has been found, frozen scallops from the Philippines.

Since June, there has been no peep from the Hawaii Center for Food Safety or its parent group, the Center for Food Safety, warning the public of this at all.  Now if this were truly a food safety group, wouldn’t they be focused on this very real issue sickening people? Even more so, you’d think they’d even be helping people get information on where to get the hepatitis A vaccination also.  None of this was ever posted on any of their media to notify the public.  It wasn’t until this past Wednesday that they actually posted that comment on their Facebook page.

So what prompted them to address the issue nearly 2 months late? I decided to post a comment on the Civil Beat article asking why they were doing nothing about it.  Well, it clearly shows that Ashley Lukens and her boss, Andrew Kimbrell, aren’t anything about food safety.  They represent nothing other than a front group for the organic industry.  Look at their hashtags and the truth is shown.

Their comment on supporting local food is even more funny because the increased demand for organic foods have forced much of it to be grown internationally!  Is organic food from China safer that what we grow in Hawaii?  They supported a ban of GM papayas that saved one more  local source of food here!

I’d love to pressure CFS to even question the expansion of the Papahanaumokuakea monument if keeping food local is so important.  They should be against the expansion that would increase our need for foreign seafood sources.  They even should drop their lawsuit against the GMO salmon if we want more domestic food sources!

The kicker of this whole issue is that they are proposing to block the GMO mosquito too, which has nothing to do with food safety.  I wouldn’t be surprised if CFS is behind the scare campaigns being launched in various cities to block GM mosquitos and pesticide spraying.  Maybe CFS wants us to be the human experiment of what happens to people when they ignore or block science.

Then again, their might be an agenda that we aren’t really seeing here.  If more organic food is recalled for contamination, it means more hospital stays and in hepatitis A, a vaccination.  If I thought like an anti-Monsanto conspiracy theorist, it might be that CFS is really a big pharma to get people vaccinated!  You know that we don’t want to become human guinea pigs!



Well, the Center for Food Safety must be getting pretty desperate when they pull the “woo” over folks by bringing in the Food Babe.  That estimated $15k they are paying her to come makes for a great vacation in Honolulu where she will face living in GMO ground zero.  She’ll have to eat her GMO hotel food and sleep on Monsanto cotton sheets too.  How dreadful!

I know I must be creeping under their skin when I get a hashtag too, #GMOjoni.  I honestly am not intimidated by their personal attacks.  I basically want a few things from them if they wish I’d stop calling this stuff out.  Ashley and her wanna be farm folks need to stop lying about farmers and learn first.  She needs to take a tour or visit CTAHR professors other than Dr. Valenzuela.  Then I want her sugar daddy’s group to drop those lawsuits against the salmon and GM mosquito.  Let progress happen instead of blocking things and giving no alternative.  Take your political science and law degree to learn how you can use science to improve people’s lives instead of endangering all of us by stirring up ignorance and the angry mob.  Got that Ashley?



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