Eat with Appreciation


Every Monday for the last several months, I do the weekly check in with my folks.  My check in is usually a call or a text asking how many bins were picked.  Consistently, it’s been averaging some 20 plus bins which equates to over 8000 lbs of papayas. Yes, that’s some 4 tons of papayas.

Running after my nearly two year old keeps me plenty busy and working on the farm is my exercise.  If it’s unloading bins or stacking cases, it’s hard work.  From the time I get there at 8 to nearly 4 pm, it’s busy work getting the job done.

Last week, my brother and his main farm help were sick with the flu, leaving us short two people.  Without people power, a farm can’t get its work done. What would normally take us 7 hours to do easily turns into 9 hours or more.  It’s long and arduous getting food grown and to the market.  Consumers get the easy job of pushing a cart and selecting their food.

So on this Thanksgiving week, stop and think about how your food got to your table.  Learn about how you got that turkey and delicious honey ham on your plate.  Think about that wonderful salads and desserts too.  People helped to feed you and they do it everyday.

We are lucky to not have to farm day in and day out.  If you’re not farming someone else is and please send your appreciation their way this Thanksgiving.  The farming families would be happy to hear it from our customers.




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