Feeding People is a Passion

To be able to feed people is a privilege that my family is proud to be able to do. Like so many other family farms, we are intent on preserving the legacy of those who came before us.  As we have learned, innovation and technology is a tool to help us achieve sustainability.

When you’re not on the farm or have no ties to the land, it’s easy to form opinions on the subject with the mass amount of information about the work my family does.  It’s easy to think that you know a better way when you’ve “done your research.” It’s a different story when you’re on the farm, working the land.

Instead of going down to the beach to lounge on the shore, I went down to the farm to help get the papayas out to our customers.  I had my husband and kids join me too.  I still got to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm breezes.  I also got to drive down to the other fields to see the new shed.  My dad wanted to fix the irrigation system and show me the progress of the fields.


The new processing shed and office is coming up nicely.


The newest field planted.


The matured fields are getting tall.


The neighbor’s horse paid us a visit today. 

Despite it being a work day, I had a nice 4th of July on the farm. I felt grounded about myself and reminded about the role my family plays in our community.  We are the farmers and we feed our neighbors, friends, and family.  It’s a passion that keeps us motivated to do the hard work that few want to take on in this day and age.

Passion to feed people is what motivates us.  This is our story and keeps us going everyday.  If you enjoyed a day off, don’t forget those who worked to feed you.


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