The Power of a Small Band of Folks

This past Friday was our annual Kaneohe Elementary Fun Fair. I decided to help out as the food booth chair. I had no idea what I needed to do but did so to help out my friend who needed someone to organize it. It is a big responsibility because it makes a significant amount of money for the school also.

I was in charge of securing the food which meant getting it to the school. I had to order 240 pieces of pizza, tens of pounds of noodles, nearly 50 lbs of poke, as well as coordinating the set up, serving, and clean up after. Luckily, this rookie had the help of so many veteran food booth volunteers to get the ball rolling.

At the end of the fair, with lots of coordinating, every single bit of food was sold off. Based on my calculations, we should have made money from it. That money will go towards funding programs not covered by taxpayer funds.

As I ran around the booth getting food down and training volunteers as well as working the front to keep lines short, it was an amazing feat to realize our impact upon the 600 students of the school. Here were dozens of parents, teachers, staff at one given moment working together to better the lives of many. We all did this for every kid who attended this school.

Some of us spent hours preparing for the event and others gave an hour or two but the goal was the same. We were all there for all of the keiki in our community. What we raised impacted so many that day for years to come by enriching the curriculum. Kids get a better educational experience because of our efforts that will help guide their future by learning to love education.

Our small band of folks could reach out for so many. Our hours of meetings and behind the scenes work are investments for the future. By working together for a greater cause, we were doing something big. That is what we need in this day and age is to ask ourselves what do we want at the end of the day and we will find that the goal is the same. There are some who will never give of their time or step up but still reap the benefits of the work of few. That small band of folks still trudges on despite that.

If each and everyone of us gives to the greater community with a goal to invest and improve it, we can do amazing things. I hope others can look beyond what is in front of their noses and look to the future to shape it. Do we want a better future for all us? If that indeed is the case, then that is what we invest our energies into. Giving back will reap rewards for everyone in some form or fashion.


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