Mahalo to the House Agriculture Committee

As a kid, my folks always told me to say thank you when someone helps you out.  I am indeed thankful for lawmakers making the hard and unpopular decision to stand with facts and reason.

 Here’s the message I sent the committee:

Aloha Chair Tsuji and Vice Chair Onishi and AGR committee members, 

 I wanted to send out a quick mahalo for supporting farmers like my dad with your deferral of HB1514. For nearly 3 years, there has been what feels like an onslaught of poorly crafted legislation that has brought my dad and brother to the Capitol to defend their work. There are many people in the activist movement that are trying to attack the large corporations not realizing that farmers like my dad becomes the collateral damage. There is a lot of fear being spread by these same people creating a hysteria among a poorly informed population. 

 My dad’s morale has been pretty low the last week upon finding out about all of these anti-farming bills. I have never heard him talk like that. Farmers are ways optimists but get worn down with misinformation attacks. By your decision to stand with facts and reason, it restores hope for my dad to see my brother to take over the farm in the next few years. 

He should be retired by most standards but is a lifelong worker, 7 days a week most times. This is his life and passion and no activist can take that away by being dishonest. 

 Our family appreciates your brave decision to support farmers over the activists. It’s this kind of message that gives us the incentive to continue farming. That’s how we grow Hawaii! 

Mahalo for doing the right thing!


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