GMO Free Kauai: Everything is Justified

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I just received this comment a few days ago from the blog post on GMO Free Kauai: Silencing a Dissident post from another blog.  The blog basically outlines how if you speak up against these activists, they will do anything within their social media power to silence you.  It’s personal and they’ll do it.

The original post has nothing to do with pesticides or spraying and completely ignores the fact that they feel that it is okay to personally attack people who speak out.  Yup, that’s how they do it.  If you don’t like what is being said, bully them online.  Destroy their own personal reputation online for that is the Kauai way.  Not.  We don’t do that here in Hawaii unless you’re an anti-GMO club member.

So apparently, when you see the things that they post as having any evidence of no aloha, they now call you an “antagonist.”  Wait?  Who is an antagonist now?  The last I saw was that these anti-GMO club members seem to think that it is all right pass out fliers with their propaganda around farmers’ markets, support coercive intimidation tactics, accuse others of genocide, baby killers, and so on.  From the sound of this comment from an anonymous person “lotsofaloha,” it seems that anything is justified.  Whether it be being rude towards others because of his or her perception of what is being done, despite the fact that the data does not support this person’s claim.

I find it totally amazing also that I’m accused of “fanning the fires.”  So when someone speaks out against this kind of tactics of coercive intimidation, it is considered fanning the fire and finger pointing?  Well, if your supporters say nasty stuff and do rude things on the social media, it’s your own commentary that is fanning the fire caught for all to see.  You know that saying, think before you talk?  It might be a good thing to do before you post something if you don’t want it called out.  I am pointing that out square and center because hey, I can’t believe you said that!  Local people don’t talk like that to each other!

So ironic how these commenters ask for positivity and aloha and hate the name calling when they were the first one to give me a new name.  Joni Tokyo Rose.  Um, lotsofaloha, can you tell your friends there in the GMO Free Kauai club to stop making up names and wishing that I had babies with birth defects or wish me to drink RoundUp?  That’s getting old.  If you think that is the aloha way, you obviously don’t know what aloha really is.


The World Does not March Against Monsanto


If you have spent a minute on the social media, you would have heard that tomorrow is another March Against Monsanto in Waikiki and worldwide.  Many misguided folks will be getting ready today for that planned march against this so called “evil.”  The Babes Against Biotech are planning a flash mob and busy choreographing something during this social event to protest this perceived enemy.

Meanwhile, there are people in this world who still go without food.  That includes many people here in Hawaii.  The homeless, elderly, poor and others await to get their food from the local IHS, Meals on Wheels volunteer, or the Hawaii Foodbank.  The needy folks look forward to a hot meal over an empty stomach any day and don’t turn their noses up in disgust over what it could be.  What hungry person ever turned away a good meal? Many volunteers will be serving the these people food marching up and down kitchens or sidewalks to get to a hungry recipient.  Others maybe organizing bags of donated food to be handed out to a family, who doesn’t pull out the items and scrutinizes every label or fret about pesticides.

The farmers will also be working on this weekend preparing for next week’s crops and getting their fields planted too.  There is no time to stop and learn a dance, print flyers, paint signs and gather up a costume for an event like this.  Growing food is a never ending cycle that requires lots of time and effort to come to fruition.  Time is valuable to them to do the work they do year after year.  Their marching will be to the tractor in their shed to get it ready to plow or down the field to check the irrigation lines.

So while it is proclaimed across the social media that there is a March Against Monsanto once again, the real people who care about others will be busy at their tasks.  Good will and good intentions will be far more reaching that a march could ever do.

The Ad Hominen Attacks of Tokyo Rose

The real Tokyo Rose

There are a certain bunch of anti-GMO club members that have taken to bombarding the social media.  If there is anything with those 3 letters on them, you can bet you’ll find them there.  There was a post yesterday in Pacific Business News having an editorial board meeting about the issues at hand in our state regarding biotechnology.  Of course, when you put a comment after all the anti-GMO activists, you will get these kind of comments.  Note that I simply asked a question in response to the post.

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What I got was not a surprise considering that these activists have taken to bombarding the social media.


This person has even accused me of antagonizing her too!  I can’t quite figure out how but once again paranoia sets in.


Another thread starts up too on this same link.


I do remember how she and yet another so called farmer posted some very “nice” comments on a farm fair picture on another ag FB page.

Here’s the no aloha comments posted by these same people in response to mine.

ignorant warren bryna

Unreal what these people are capable of saying publicly.  Of course I was forwarded this clip too of how I acquired my nickname.

tokyo rose1

There is no getting through to these activists.  When they have to start attacking people personally, it really shows that there is nothing in the form of evidence to support their argument.  They can only resort to name calling or accusations of being a shill.  This clearly demonstrates that these people are unreasonable and will only be agreeable to one single demand, their way.  Working with the unreasonable will get you no where.

From the Bad Skeptic link:

“The only thing the crier o’ shill proves is that they don’t give a flying f*@k about having an actual discussion, about hearing any viewpoint but their own, or about any reality outside of the one they’re already convinced exists. Saying, “I’m right, and that’s that! Neener!” is good enough for them.”

That’s fine with me but more reason why we can’t make laws and policy according to these activists demands.