Who Can You Trust in the GMO Issue?

I have to thank Dr. Kevin Folta for commenting on my blog the other day.  What he said really got me thinking more about the anti-GMO club and why we have such a problem.  It’s not just that they don’t understand the rationale of science and the process, but they also have problems with trust.  Who are you to trust in all of this mass information on the internet?  There’s so much conflicting information all over the place and how are you to navigate through all of this?

I decided to put together a simple guide for how to figure out who is trustworthy and who isn’t.  Read on!

Red Flag Number 1: Celebrity Status

 A huge red flag for me is that if someone is a celebrity and are touting being anti-GMO, I wouldn’t trust them for anything.  For one, most of them have no training or education at all to make the claims they do and tend to jump into these hot topics for attention and fans.  Here’s a great example of celebrities and their anti-GMO activities.

Who can’t forget Roseanne Barr?!  We haven’t heard from her much on the issue since she has refused to pay up her donation to the Babes Against Biotech.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.53.26 PM

Bette Midler, a part time Kauai resident who jumped on the anti-GMO bandwagon.

Vani Hari aka “The Food Babe”

Rachel Parent, a then 14 year old activist with the Right to Know Kids

Darryl Hannah with the Babes Against Biotech leader Naomi Carmona at the Mana March.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.39.02 PM

Kelly Slater, a professional surfer touts organic food.

What do all of these celebrities have in common?  First of all, none have any higher level education in any kind of science at all.  I highly doubt they know much about DNA let alone farming and what it takes.  Secondly, they all repeat the same Monsanto mantra word for word.  Thirdly, they all use fear in their messaging from you’ll get cancer and autism if you consume GMOs. None are independent thinkers and repeat the same messaging over and over again.  And really, do you trust a surfer to tell you what to eat???

And think about it for a minute.  Would you trust a plumber to build your house?  Would you listen to a teenager for your nutritional advice?  Would you use a electrician to treat your illnesses?  If you answer no to those questions, then why are you using a celebrity for what you eat?  Do they actually have the right education and training to make the claims they do?  Uh, no.  They are there to sell things, act the part, but they aren’t for teaching anyone anything.  TV is a lot of made up stuff so why go to the tube for “good” advice???

In this sense, common sense should rule.  Common sense tells you that these are not the people you should trust for your information on agriculture, nutrition, and last but not least, biotech issues.  It’s just as bad and making stuff up.  That’s exactly what Hollywood and TV are good for though!

Red Flag Number 2: “Scientists” that Have Single Studies


Meme by Jeff Cotter posted in the Facebook group, Skepic

Hopefully, you got to read the page I published on “The Most Misunderstood Concepts of Science and Thinking by the Anti-GMO Club,” to give you some basic tenets of this process.  Key point is that science is not pick and choose what kind you like.  It’s an evidence based meaning that you continually build data to bolster or reject your claims.  We’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a few “scientists” here in Hawaii courtesy of the tax exempt Hawaii SEED and other richly funded anti-GMO clubs.

From a post in the GMO Skepti-Forum by Richard Green, this summarizes these “scientists.”

This meme was a means to gather the rogues, now lets take a closer look at this motley crew:

Gilles-Éric Séralini: He is active in research and is the author of the infamous rat study that was retracted and recently republished without critical review. His work is often shown to have poor methodology and analysis.

Charles Benbrook: Benbrook is an agricultural economist at Washington State University and science advisor for The Organic Center. He is the author of a widely panned study on pesticide use in GM crops.

Judy Carman: Another active researcher and the author of a study on pigs which were fed GM corn. The study was found to be lacking in many areas.

Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel: These two are computer specialists that do not conduct research per se, but use algorithms to look for correlations. They typically engage in what I call reverse snake oil. Instead of a magic elixir curing unrelated conditions, they lay the blame for unrelated conditions on a single cause, usually glyphosate. They have the distinction of having a paper being used as a model for detecting a bogus scientific journal.

Vandana Shiva: Shiva is a philosopher who would like you to believe she is a physicist. A frequent claim is her rallying cry against “terminator genes/seeds”. These seeds are more of an idea than reality, as they never made it out of preliminary development. She is also fond of making outrageous claims with no supporting evidence.

David Suzuki: Suzuki was a zoologist/geneticist and retired in 2001. Now he is an environmentalist who accepts the global consensus on global warming but falls short on accepting the global consensus on GMOs. His vague cautions against unknown risks apply equally to creating new crops from any form of plant breeding. The few times he has been confronted with hard questions have left him flummoxed.

Don Huber: Huber is a retired agricultural researcher from Purdue University who was well respected in his day. These days he claims the existence of mysterious pathogen somehow associated with Roundup that only he can see…

Thierry Vrain: Vrain was a soil biologist and genetic scientist for the Agriculture department in Canada. As with others in the gallery, he makes poorly sourced claims to elicit fear. Unlike some of the others, he really doesn’t specialize, his is more of an all-purpose type of misinformation.

Jeffery Smith: Such a gallery would not be complete without Mr. Smith. He has no academic credentials. Not that credentials are needed to understand the science behind GMOs, but Mr. Smith has not made that effort. Like a lot of the rogues, he tours the paid lecture circuit making unfounded claims about the dangers of GMOs. His seminal work is the novel Genetic Roulette, which has been thoroughly debunked.

To sum up:
The active scientists in this group all seem to start with the end point they want to reach and then try to manipulate enough variables to achieve their goals. That is the exact opposite of how to conduct a good experiment.
The non-scientists and retired scientists seem to be pushing an ideology instead of examining the current research.

“View anything these folks have to say on agricultural topics with extreme caution.”

 Believing without Questioning=Religious Ideology

If you’re still “believing” in these folks, here’s some additional reading that you might add to see why the your links using them aren’t viewed as evidence.

Press Digs into Anti-GMO Study–Journalists were the first group of people to wonder about Seralini’s lumpy rats when he asked them to sign a non-disclosure agreement with a hefty fine of a million euros if it was violated.

Don Huber and the Mystery Pathogen–Video by Dr. Kevin Folta questioning this mysterious claims of Don Huber.

A Generous Offer Turned to Dr. Huber Turned Down–Dr. Folta offers to study this so called pathogen for Dr. Huber with not a response.

Wealthy Activist Vandana Shiva is a Poor Advocate Poor Advocate for the Poor–Shiva has made her rounds here in Hawaii and is said to make some $40K per lecture as well as asks for $10K for travel expenses.  She also has an organic farm where you pay to work for free!

Study of Organic Crops Finds Very Little–The recent headlines of organic food having more anti-oxidants questions the methodology used and the person quoted in it, Dr. Charles Benbrook, a well known organic proponent.

Suzuki is Clueless–Video documenting Suzuki’s anti-science flip flopping on Sun News.

Genetic Roulette & the GMOs-The League of Nerds–Myles Powers takes down Jeffrey Smith’s beloved anti-GMO movie, Genetic Roulette.  (This video is pretty long as a FYI but a great take down of each of his claims.)

Once More Bad Science in the Service of Anti-GMO Activism–Another take down of Dr. Judy Carman’s bad pig study.

What do the Creationists and Anti-GMO have in Common?–Blog post by Fourat Janabi on why we should keep calm and carry on.

GMO Skepti-Forum Thread on Dr. Thierry Vrain –A compilation of discussions on his claims and sources.

Condemning Monsanto with Bad Science is Dumb–A breakdown as to Seneff and Samsel’s claims and why it doesn’t help their cause.

Tumor Incidence in Normal Sprague Dawley Rats–Scientist have known since 1956 that the rats used by Seralini has a high incidence of tumors.  Is it a surprise that he got such results in his study?


 The Index of BAD Links

The cardinal sin that so many anti-GMO believers make is posting the same links as their evidence.  When they post these links, it just shows that these people’s ability to cross check their information is very limited.  The typical links that they post  are Natural News, Institute for Responsible Technology, GMO Education, AltNet, Natural Cures not Medicine, Green Med Info, World Truth, Truth Deniers, GMO Seralini, Nation of Change, Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola, Collective Evolution, Raw for Beauty, and anything GMO Free. What do all of these links have in common? They all sell fear and use partial bits of information to convey their side of “studies” and health claims. There is never any link to the actual study that they are talking about and it’s hard to figure out the actual source of information, but the antis will still use it as “proof” because they don’t know how to research and vet their information.

Before you get scared of what you’re reading, stop and ask questions first.  “Is that for real or what?”  By simply starting there instead of adding that link to your “GMOs are dangerous” link file, you just might just save yourself lots of anxiety and emotional stress.  If you choose to believe, you just might find yourself in a utterly hysterical state and might leave a nasty message for a state senator.  Save yourself an apology and ASK questions first before you get yourself into a tizzy fit!  It just might save your reputation if you care about it.

Remember, if you read it on the internet and it tells you connect the dots, science isn’t about putting together a dot to dot puzzle.  It doesn’t work like that.



My Fight For A Better Hawaii


I’m mad. Its a good kind of mad however that made me start writing this blog.

After attending several hours of panel discussions ranging from a variety of topics from bioethics to rising leaders, then followed by a nice stroll through the international exhibition, I’m left amazed. The things being done with biotech is really revolutionary indeed.

Having seen and met with scientists and other experts, I’m filled with so much inspiration and promise of how Hawaii could become a key figure in all of this if we nurture it. It also gives me hope of the unique opportunities that this field may offer my two kids in the future if we make this field a priority here. But is Hawaii’s leadership moving us in the right direction?

Unfortunately, it’s not happening in out state. From the time I say and spoke to those dozen legislators in January, who told me that the farmers need to do more to educate the public, it’s clear that only a few leaders have the backbone to move Hawaii forward by standing up the technology that is revolutionizing agriculture, forestry, environmental issues, medicine, and energy. That minority of leaders who stood there publicly to support the right to farm act had to take the horrid behavior of angry mob mentality, which is truly disheartening to me.

While states like California and countries across the world are booming with opportunity and research, Hawaii’s weak leadership continue to fail us all. From Jessica Wooley, Mike Gabbard, Brian Schatz, Kaniela Ing, Russell Ruderman, Gary Hooser, Tulsi Gabbard, David Ige, and so many others, they use poor leadership to guide Hawaii in fear while the rest of the world is embracing and supporting biotechnology. It’s terrible that leaders like these are fueling serious harm for my kids’ future.

I’d truly love a Hawaii where my kids would have diverse opportunities to be a global contributor. Being that global citizen does not come with raising kids up to attend anti-GMO marches and seed exchanges to “revolutionize” the food system. Nor does it come in the form of beach clean up efforts by groups that claim false information against a technology they know nothing about. I was taught as a kid to always think about how I was going to do something to help others, which is rooted in education and instilling a sense of curiosity about the world.

I want a future Hawaii that values education on a worldwide scale. We are island people but it doesn’t mean we should think of ourselves like that. We can affect our world in so many ways that are unforeseeable if our leaders are willing to guide us in that way.

I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to attend this conference as it has really opened my eyes. I have a greater vision for the future that I want to nurture for my kids, and I hope others start realizing this too. If we don’t move in the right way, we’ve truly shown the world that we do not want to be global citizens, and I refuse to be led down that path by others.

As a mom who can see the potential for a better Hawaii, I will continue to fight for the Hawaii I want for my kids. It’s my duty as a parent first and foremost to them.


There Would Be No Paradise Without Pesticides

Historical Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii

From the Babes Against Biotech to the new Hawaii Center for Food Safety, these outsiders want Hawaii to be pesticide free.  There is so much fear mongering created by these groups to an uninformed public about the true need for pesticides.  If we let these activists get their way, what would our islands look like without the help of these
“agro-chemical” companies?

Hokulea Would Not be Sailing the World

DOW AGROSCIENCES product, VIKANE, was used to rid our precious Hokulea of the Singapore ant problem. Hokulea was able to set sail on the voyage around the world without spreading an invasive species.  Kamaaina Fumigation donated their work to the Polynesian Voyaging Society…  “It’s always full circle in our culture to give.”

Historical Buildings Would Be Destroyed

Here are a few of the culturally significant sites and invasive species management that use pesticides to help preserve these buildings and natural habitats.


o Iolani Palace
o Queen Emma Summer Palace
o Waikiki Aquarium
o Hilton Hawaiian Village
o Kamehameha School – Oahu


o Bishop Museum
o Hokule’a – drywood termites about 8 years ago and the ants currently
o Pearl Harbor historical buildings
o Kawaiaha’o Church, Honolulu
o Waikiki Shell

Vegetation Management (Invasive Species)

o Fireweed on Maui and Big Island
o Albizia – all islands
o Miconia – Maui
o Native grass propagation project with UH for DOT Roadsides

Pesticides are Needed to Preserve Paradise!

Can you imagine our Hawaii without the Iolani Palace or natural habitats overtaken by Miconia? Our native forests would be destroyed if it weren’t for the management of these invasive species and we would have lost the historical buildings to termites a long time ago.  Hawaii needs these pesticides to preserve the things that make our islands unique, despite what the activists keep repeating to people over and over.  If we let these outsiders dictate the rules, start saying good bye to some of our favorite places and monuments and our rain forests.

Fear and public opinion should never dictate what happens in our islands.  Evidence and data must guide us for the future of our islands.  That’s what our leaders need to use also first and foremost in making policy and informing the public.

Preserving the past is a good thing but sometimes we need the help of future innovations to complete that mission.

Grow to Know and Let the Real Farmers Farm

Grow to Know!

Several years ago, I decided to get into gardening.  Yes, gardening, not farming.  It started out as a hobby for me to grow my veggies here and there and a good thing to do with my kids.  My first project was trying out aquaponics, which seemed like a neat thing to start.

I asked my dad what he thought and he said, “Sure, go try it out.”  I figured it sounded cool to try and he said it would be good to do.  So I went ahead and decided to take a leap at this great project.

I spent about $300 for a small system with a 50 gallon tank, cinders, pump, PVC pipes and the fish.  It did great with my lettuce initially but I found that the growth rate was pretty slow for me.  I couldn’t get the nerve to kill those tilapias and eat them either because they stunk so much.  Those fish essentially became pets.  In frustration, I asked my dad, why does it grow so slow?  He told me that there wasn’t good control of nitrogen being delivered to the plants in these kinds of systems.  Aha!

Being impatient and eager to grow something, I decided to start up regular dirt boxes that were raised to grow my garden.  I designed a stand and sawed up the lumber and put it together.  I filled it with regular potting soil from my favorite place, Yamashiro Hardware.  I also built it at standing level so that my grandmother could garden in it if she wanted to.



I had my two kids fill up the boxes with the potting soil and a mix of compost as I heard that there was this mix that was really good for gardening.  Well, the things just didn’t grow so well and I was stumped.  I had my dad, the plant doctor, take a look at what what going on.  He told me that it was most likely the compost product was not completely broken down.  The bacteria had not broken down the organic matter and was now stealing the nutrients that the plant needed.  I had to wait for a few months before I could start again.


After about a few months later, I restarted my boxes up again with a nice fresh seeds.  Within two months, I really could see the difference in the health of the plants compared to the first generation.  I asked my dad again what should I do next and he said put some fertilizer periodically.  Sure enough my garden was beautiful!




I was pretty darn proud of myself for getting my garden going.  Then nature took its course and the delicious, mild mesclun got some sunburn.  Despite watering it daily, one hot day, it dried out the soil just a a wee bit too much.  All of my delicious lettuces turned awfully bitter and it was ruined.  I asked my dad again what happened and he explained to me why it’s important to water lettuce or lose your whole crop.  Lesson learned again.  It isn’t that easy to grow things.

So much for the lettuce.  My next experiment was beets, as it was something that my mom loved growing on the side of my dad’s fields when I was a kid.  I had just seen something neat in a Yamashiro’s ad for an organic fertilizer that I wanted to try out.  The one pound bag of bat guano was pretty expensive at $11 which was more than the box of MiracleGro.  I did two boxes of beets and learned why the regular fertilizers worked better for the money.  My dad came by and asked me what I had put on the box of beets that were half the size of the thriving box.  I told him that I used bat guano and he just chuckled at me again.  “Did you learn something there?” he asked me.  I had to agree, yes, I did learn something again.



I was really starting to get the hang of this gardening thing after about a year of trial and error.  My next experiment was growing cucumbers, which was something my grandparents did on their farm.  I did the composting bit and waited a few months before I dropped in a seed from Fukuda seeds as my dad said buy the local seeds that are best suited for here.  I listened to him and did so.  The vine did beautifully as I had expected after learning from how many mistakes.  We got about 8 beautiful 2 foot long 3 inch diameter Japanese cucumbers.


I was pretty proud of the first beautiful cucumber we got and kept seeing the flowers bloom, hoping for more.  That did not happen as expected because I did not pay attention to what nature was doing to my vine.  My dad did his weekly walk by my vine and said, “Hey, are you spraying your vine?”  I said, “Spray for what?”  He continued, “You got lots of bugs on there and you’d better take care of it soon, but it might be too late already.”  He went on to explain that aphids multiply exponentially and based upon what he saw, the population of aphids on my vines had already done that.  I listened to his concoction of what to spray which was some dish soap and water.  Sure enough, like a prophet, my vine was overrun by the bugs and I only got a single cucumber.  My cucumber was literally a mono crop, a single vine, yet it was decimated by bugs.

I can’t tell you how many lessons I learned from these few years of gardening and the expertise that is needed to understand what happens.  I started to have a greater appreciation for those farmers who are able to keep a stable supply of their produce filling our shelves week after week, year after year.  It takes a lot of education, observation, know how to grow food for others.  Just thinking about all the hard work my dad for all these years really made me have a greater respect for him and his knowledge base.  My dad is an amazing person that is unbelievably dedicated to his life’s work and passion, which is growing food for people.

Yardeners are NOT Farmers!

For me being his daughter and seeing what is happening in our state with farmers has really affected me.  When people started joining the bandwagon of the “right to know” movement to label my dad’s fruit, it got me mad.  On one hand, they’d say then have this fundamental right, and then on the other side of the coin I see them making blatant lies and wearing gas masks carrying papaya trees.  I also hear people saying how his trees are poisonous and that he is destroying the a’ina because he isn’t organic and grows GMO.  How can that be if he can grow his crops for 40 years now?  It’s utterly saddening when lawmakers also jumped on this trendy activism also and attempted to pass such a law against farmers like my dad.

I saw how much time and effort was spent by my brother and my dad to go down to the legislature to defend their life’s work.  He couldn’t get to that broken plow, nor could he fix his truck, the fields had to wait to be planted, scheduling in testimony time between deliveries, and so many more tasks had to be put off.  Then the anti-GMO county laws started yet another onslaught of legislation that had repercussions that would trickle down and affect his farm once again.  More work had to be put on the side to deal with more regulation that was being incited by these two faced people.

The 99% was making demands because they never took the time to actually come and learn from a farmer themselves about how food was grown.  They had gone to some community seed exchange event and learned some misinformation being perpetuated about the seed issue by groups like Hawaii SEED and others.  Yes, they could grow things without pesticides and that empowered them with this false knowledge that if they can do it, so can the average farmer.   That garden they were growing was testimony that they can grow without “bad” chemicals so everyone else should do it too. Even images across the social media touting organic farming is better for you and so on bombarded people’s minds of farming.  They became “experts” since they read a meme that organic is a economically viable and sustainable way to farm.  So many false images and information gave people this idea that if a farmer wasn’t organic or GMO, they were bad people for choosing such a way.

Most non-activist local people and some level headed legislators saw through all of this and worked through to fight for the farmers rights, only to be impeded by ones who have never ever fulfilled a farmer role ever.  The ones who choose to align with the gardeners and their “rights” don’t have the full picture but are the ones making laws, which is misguided.  They contribute to the problem of why we can’t produce enough food by creating this fight.  If we as  a state really want to have more local food, it’s not just the farmer’s job to speak up and educate people, the local people wanting their food also needs to speak up for them.

It’s hypocritical of the “gardeners turned farmers” crowd to say they want local food but then lead attacks against the long time farmers who clearly demonstrate what that buzzword sustainability really is about.  It’s also hypocritical to hear groups like the Center for Food Safety and Earthjustice state things that they support sustainable local food and then launch the “right to know” platform.  If these so called activists, gardeners, surfers, bikini clad chics, and environmentalists truly wants a sustainable local food supply, they’d get out of the way and work together with people.  What we are seeing is that their intentions are far from being genuine, and they choose to contradict every word they say by each action they fuel and instigate based in fear and not facts.  These people apparently forgot the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.”




It’s True! I Proudly Support that Evil GMO!

Here’s a message I received several months ago from the Kauai Mayoral candidate, surfer, and MMA fighter, Dustin Barca.

Screenshot 2014-05-14 16.06.30

Yes, I must be committing a crime against humanity as Dustin states clearly in this message.  I am a horrible person for doing such a thing to be supporting the evil that’s in this world.  But hey, I’m totally fine with it.  I prefer to be with the evil people who are destroying our earth as you have all accused me of and here’s why…

I truly believe in this evil called GMO and am not ashamed to state it.  This evil has the terrible potential to make people’s lives better who I don’t even know.  This evil thing that I support has saved hundreds of papaya farmers across our state continue their work to grow delicious sweet Hawaiian papayas that millions of people can enjoy today.  It is evil to allow any farmer this technology because they should go back to working in offices and away from their farms.

Dad farmer

My evil GMO papaya farmer father who is feeding people this awful poison decade after decade. He too is happy to support this evil and crime against humanity.

Let’s face it, I am born into a pure evil family.  My evil father has been growing these papaya for over two decades and despite being considered a senior citizen, he still continues to toil in his evil GMO fields.  He also is guilty of using evil, earth destructing chemicals to make his papayas growing year after year too.  He’s perfectly healthy even though the good people say that he should have cancer and other diseases from using such horrible substances.  He somehow managed to survive farming back in the 1960’s where a single drop of pesticide killed his farmer friend in Waimanalo.  Oddly enough, he’s been using evil chemicals that supposedly destroy the a’ina but still yield lots of fruits and remains fertile year after year with not a single illness as a result.  The rivers and streams that are bordering his field and toxic and thriving with lots of fish but it doesn’t matter because it’s dead with life.  It doesn’t matter what the facts are, he’s GMO and he’s evil and a horrible person for his work to help Hawaii agriculture.

I am the most awful thing on earth for fighting against labeling my dad’s fruits too because even though it isn’t different than an organic one, I should allow fear mongers dictate to him what he has to do.  It’s evil to fight those contradictory people who say it’s their “right to know” but ultimately want to ban it in the future because being honest about their intent is completely unimportant.  It’s a good thing to say one thing and then say another because it’s okay to be dishonest against farmers that are evil.


Horrible poisonous GMO ready to be served to millions of human experiments for another 2 decades!

I really love this horrible evil thing called GMO because I met a farmer named Ravichandran Vachinathan in India who shared with my why he supports the evil too.  He shared with me that the chemical companies and the agribusiness companies separate in his country.  When GMO cotton became available, farmers wanted these seeds so that they do not have to expose themselves to old toxic pesticides that could kill a person instantly.  Farmers were happy to embrace this evil so that they no longer have to rely on the good old technology.  The good activists worked their hardest to block the evil but did not succeed and farmers were able to get to use this evil.  This evil GMO cotton has allowed them to grow much more with less good old pesticides  and give greater yields and giving them more evil money to take care of their families.  Shame on those farmers for wanting money for their families and not wanting to use those good old pesticides.  Money is the source of all evil and poverty for these families are much better according to the good wealthy activists of Greenpeace.

The evil cotton farmer Ravi who uses this horrible GMO.

This evil will never come to light to help save the eyesight and lives of millions of children in developing countries because the good activists will protect them from it.  There is an evil Golden Rice that farmers may get that will prevent that good thing called blindness and death.  The good activists are fine seeing children going blind and having a parent feel the loss and pain of their child for they are protecting people from a horrible evil.

Screenshot 2014-05-14 16.28.34

I get even more excited about embracing this evil GMO companies who are bringing this horrid technology to poor countries.  The good activists of the Center for Food Safety are ready to keep this evil from expanding its reach to others who would be fed by it.  It’s good to have people starve and have harder times feeding their families with this evil technology.  Suffering with malnutrition and hunger is a good thing for these people because they need a good label to inform them of evil.  It doesn’t matter how this can help others, but evil corporations should not spread this evil to end the good outcomes of the superior ways of growing food.  The good Center for Food Safety has spoken that it is evil to allow corporations to provide technology to help others.

I can’t help but jump on the evil bandwagon because I am selfish for wanting to subject my children to consuming GMO food.  I should feel horribly bad about not spending more money to feed them this good organic food that isn’t anything different than conventional.  I willingly subject my children to food that has been thoroughly tested but is still inherently evil.  This poisonous GMO has caused some kind of horrible harm to them that I just can’t quite see and I know my kids will pay for it in the future.  It’s evil and has somehow allowed them to grow to a healthy ripe age of 8 and 3 amazingly.  I’ll still continue to subject them to this evil for they are guinea pigs in a science experiment.


Dear god, I’ve let my child handle and consume a frankenfood! She loves this evil GMO papaya that she shoves down her throat willingly like a horrible science experiment!

I’ve been reminded so many times that I’m evil for spewing the corporate propaganda of this evil thing.  I am evil for considering that there are hundreds in the scientific community that have accepted the evil evidence of GMOs.  Everyone and anyone who says GMOs are safe are all terrible, awful, devilish people.  It is evil to not believe the good industry that has provided useful information in the form of skulls and crossbones to educate people about it.  The good “educated” people listen to the Babes Against Biotech, GMO Free groups, Gary Hooser, Jessica Wooley, Kelly Slater, Roseanne Barr, Walter Ritte, Earthjustice, the Center for Food Safety who are completely honest with people about this evil GMO.  Fear is good and they should always be held captive in that state for knowing this evil is way more dangerous.


I am just the most horrible person for not reading the truth on the websites like Mercola, Natural News, Sustainable Pulse, AltHealthMed, Organic Consumers Association, RawFor Beauty, GreenMedInfo, and the hundred of other sites.  I am so ignorant for not believing in chemtrails, natural cures, and living chemically free.  I also believe in the horrible gospel known as chemistry and biology that is pure propaganda when people tell you that everything is made up of chemicals.  Understanding how to debunk stuff on those sites is terrible for you need to just believe and not trust anything anyone else say for corporations are always out to kill except those organic corporations.

I really have committed a crime against humanity when I continually write propaganda on my blog about this evil.  I am a horrible person for spewing facts and questioning the good activists who are saving our world.  There are even good activists trying to run for office who are righteous for sending me messages to stop my spreading of this evil.  We must vote good people in who want a healthy dose of fear remain among our public citizens for fear of evil GMO is the right thing to do.  These people do the right thing by supporting only some farmers for that is a good thing because we don’t need any technology in farming at all.  Only some farmers are okay in our islands.

terez amato

A message of righteousness from a good activist running for office on Maui, Terez Amato.

As you can see, I am just a horrible person for wanting others to have access to that evil quality of life and a cleaner environment.  I should only be thinking about what is happening in my own world and not how my actions will affect others around the world, for that is the only good to be had.  I admit, I am purely not capable of doing such a thing.  Myself and others who speak out and support the evil deserve to have the good activists subject others to say and send good messages like these for we deserve it.  It doesn’t matter if the evidence states otherwise, all evil people deserve to be told this no matter what for this is the right thing to do.

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As you can see, I am just a horrible person at the core that went to the university to learn of this propaganda to only use it the spread pure evil.  I am evil and a demon for even trying to help others who may benefit from it and pointing out how it’s benefitted all of us.  Its even worse that I spread facts and the truth about this terrible technology.  I should be worried about what I’m eating and not about whether others have something to eat and grow for their families.  Because I show now fear, I am the ignorant one pure and simple.

I am even more awful for even allowing my kids to even partake in learning about this evil technology because they will only become bearers of helping others and that is a crime against humanity to save other humans.  Opening a child’s mind to science and wonder is a tragically horrible thing to do for I should be doing good by taking them to protests and concerts to subject them to fear and hate.  Real education of this technology is only propaganda and only pollutes young minds.  Protests and concerts about GMOs are the real truth to the good knowledge that I refuse to participate in.


I have allowed my child to extract this evil thing called DNA and interact with evil scientists who spread the evil doctrine of science.

I am also horrible for supporting scientists like James Brewbaker and Norman Borlaug, who studied ways to help feed the world.  It’s a terrible thing to want to use science to feed people to alter our food even though we have been altering our foods for thousands of years.  Their innovations used by farmers haven’t impacted me at all or the country I live it.  It’s awful to think of others and make more food so that people will not starve.


I will just have to face it that I’ve been a horrible sinner for all the things I have said and done.  However, I will not in my evil conscience stop my propaganda tirades because this evil is the right thing to do for me.  So Dustin, thanks for forgiving me for my crime against humanity.  And Terez, thanks for only supporting the good non-thalidomide papaya farmers because it really does the Hawaii a lot of good.  To all the other commenters who have accused me of being paid to say what I do, yes, I’m paid in knowing that I supported something that help that farmer in India or Africa feed their family safer.  I am even more horrible in that I do this as a free shill for no evil money at all.

I am hoping that others start to join in my evil tirade to spread more propaganda based in science and evidence because I know that this technology has the potential to open minds which is the most awful thing to do.  Will you join me?






GMOs Does Not Mean God Move Over and Here’s Why

Here’s another thing that I hear frequently being stated by many of the anti-GMO activists, “Stop messing with the DNA in our food!”  Mark Fergusson, the CEO of the very much anti-GMO Down to Earth Markets also called it, “God Move Over.”  I just hate the fear mongering that’s being said about a technology that can do so much for growing food and decreasing our impact to do so.

The goal of the anti-GMO supporters really is to take advantage of the fact that most people have little to no clue as to what GMO really is.  When there is a huge number of people who are not literate in biology, chemistry, and basic genetics, you have a nice market of people to target with fear and doubt about this technology.

The activists from the Food Babe, Babes Against Biotech, Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition, Earthjustice, and the Center for Food Safety, will also go on to state that genetic modification of our food stuffs is going to mess up people in some form or fashion.  They love to use emotion evoking phrases like, “it’s being shoved down your throats,” to “it’s killing our keiki and kupuna,”  We also can’t forget those syringes stuck in food and skull in crossbones bit that they want on this GMO label.

Why are these people so afraid of this thing called DNA?  It’s probably because they don’t understand what it is to begin with.

I know that videos are great ways to teach people a thing or two about what DNA really is.

Then when you get a better understanding DNA, let’s talk more about genetics.

I hope you kind of got a general idea of DNA and basic genetics.  Now here’s a great video on the story of biotech papayas and how it all comes together.

Note that even with this modification of the genetics, the composition of the papaya is not significantly different than the conventional type.  Also note that the transgenic papayas have disease resistance built into it.  It is developed to resist the papaya ringspot virus that is spread by an aphid.  Even though Gary Hooser has told so many people that GMO means pesticides, it does not at all.  It is a technology that can be applied in many different ways.

If you’re still feeling afraid of genetic modification in our food, let’s talk about the food we eat today.  Here’s a great example of two different types of tomatoes that have altered genetics done through selective breeding.


These clearly have different genetics to result in these two forms of tomatoes.  We can eat both of them and do you think our body can tell the difference?  No.  The compositions might be slightly different, and the DNA is different but our body can’t tell.

Of course, the next line that a typical anti-GMO activist might say is that these tomatoes don’t have fish genes in it.

The dreaded fish genes!

That’s a funny thought because if you were to eat fish, you are eating fish genes and have you turned into something awful?  Ummm…  No.  So even if a tomato might have genes of a fish, a common blunder quoted by many antis that is not true at all, would your body know this?  Nope.  Genes are not species specific!

If you watched the videos above, you might figure out that you can’t say that the genes is what’s making you allergic to something either.  If you think that there’s a new allergen that’s created by the genetic modification, you’d be wrong too because it is tested and tested for these potential issues.  Allergenic proteins are pretty well known and if detected, the trials are abandoned and destroyed.

The same anti-GMO activists decry biotech testing but then listen to Dr. Oz touting those exotic miracle cures.  He went from touting goji berries and now garcinia cambogia, which has no allergenic tests done ever but assumed safe.  Wouldn’t that worry you more to be consuming these untested things?  Nope.  Where’s the precautionary principle applied here?

The DNA fearing God Move Over crowd continues to cry about the evil of genetic modification and the need for the precautionary principle, but always misses a key point about this technology.  They are worried about what happens when they consume this GMO derived food product because of the unknown genetics.  If that is the case, why aren’t they worried about what happens when they consume banana genes or GMO free noni genes?  If one is afraid of messed up genes, then they should really fear things like heirloom tomatoes that have really altered genetics.

There’s a lot of DNA in many GMO free products that they should be worried about but don’t even realize it.  I’m more afraid of the bacterial genetics of what’s on some organic foods than I am of GMO corn or papaya any day.


End the GMO Paranoia: Knowledge is the Key to Fighting Fear

Having worked in mental health for several years, it is really disturbing to me to see so many Hawaii folks wrapped up on the fear brigade against biotechnology.  I’ve seen so many people tormented by paranoia that their perceived.  Based on the kind of signs and posts people are putting the social media, it is pretty clear that: 1) They feel that they are being poisoned, 2) They don’t know what is legitimate sources of information or how to research it, and 3) Being told the same message over and over again makes them believe things without question. One of the biggest problems that I see in the whole issues around GMOs here in Hawaii is that the issue has been made very complex.  Joan Conrow chronicles this tale of a campaign of manipulation and misinformation by her post, “Feasting on Fear.”

The entire GMO issue has really become a huge tangled mess of information that an average person can’t figure out where to start to research some of the frequently repeated claims being made by the activists. To help those not well versed in the Hawaii GMO issue, I’ll list out some of the frequently stated claims that the anti-GMO activists keep making and refute it with some sources that don’t invoke fear but impart knowledge.


“I have a right to know what I’m eating”

This battle cry that people had a right to know was started back in 2012 with Representative Jessica Wooley’s push for a label of genetically modified foods.  She even brought some very well known organic lobbyers to Hawaii like Andrew Kimbrell of the seemingly innocuous Center for Food Safety.  Hawaii SEED also brought in Vandana Shiva to spread their propaganda about his so called right to know.  Many involved in the  push for this “right” really were saying something else of what their true intent was.  It really is a means of a ban. The truth of the matter is that the FDA did not pursue labeling because if the product was not shown to be different than conventional, there was no need for such a label.  This is also stated in the AMA guidelines for GE foods.  There is voluntary labeling guidelines available.

No Labeling Needed When Consumers Know the Whole Truth


“If it is so good for you, why don’t they just label it?”

This is a frequent comment made by many anti-GMO activists.  The basis of why many farmers are hesitant to label their for, even though there is no compositional differences than conventional, is the fear that has been created by the opposing industry.

Here’s some great sources on why people are fighting the labeling.  The heavy laden fear tactics being carried out the anti-GMO groups like the Organic Consumers’ Association and the EarthJustice have created a huge stigma against something that has no compositional difference.  Simple curiosity of wanting to know something also does not necessitate the need for a label under the FDA.

Jimmy Botella’s “Waiter, There’s a Gene in My Soup!” Video

Why Labeling GMOs is Bad for People and the Environment

California’s Anti-GMO Hysteria

The GMO Labeling Debate

GMO Opponents Use Fear and Deception to Advance their Cause

“GMOs means pesticides”

When the anti-GMO club starts stating this, it only shows me that leaders like Gary Hooser and others really have no clue as to what they are talking about.  The very term, genetically modified organism does not automatically mean a pesticide.  It really is a technology.  The genetic engineering of insulin to treat diabetes is completely different to that of the GE of papaya as is also applies to the corn.  To group the entire technology under a big black dark umbrella of evil is completely misguided and a part of the disinformation campaigns of the fear mongers.  Just because Gary said it 100x doesn’t make it true.

How GMOs are Created

Use and Impact of Bt Maize

How Bt Works

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GMOs Would Feed the World With Fewer Pesticides

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“GMOs Have to be 100% safe!”

This frequently thrown out phrase is invoking the precautionary principle that translates into, “Do do anything until it is 100% proven safe.”  It is also know as the paralyzing principle.  Nothing is ever 100% safe, ever.  Learn more about why this principle doesn’t make any sense to apply it in nearly any sense.

Impact of the Precautionary Principle on Feeding Current and Future Generations

By Removing A Risk, Are we Limiting Finding Solutions to the Problem?

“We Don’t Need any Chemicals on Our Food!”

When people start resorting to this commentary, it really shows how far the understanding of food production we really are as well as a basic understanding of science.  We are all made up of chemicals!  Everything we eat are chemicals!  Not all chemicals is bad either.  Chemicals join together to form substances.

People have been told that chemicals are being applied to our food.  Yes it is.  On both organic food and conventional.  The growing of food includes reducing pests like weeds and bugs, hence the need for its applications.  The pests stress the plants and can cause or make the plant prone to a host of diseases or increase naturally produced toxins that are harmful, like mycotoxins.  The less stress on a plant also helps to increase the yields and quality of the produce.  These inputs are necessary to get the end product, which is what we eat.

We Need Good Science, Not Chemophobia

The Dose that Makes the Poison

Naturally Occurring Toxins in Foods

Mythbusing 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Farming

“There are real dangers caused by GMOs!

Many of the believers of the anti-GMO movement likely got their sources of information from movies like Seeds of Deception, Genetic Roulette, OMG GMO, and so on.  These are movies folks, not a documentary and they don’t provide any resources to back their claims up.  Movies are also created to stir emotions and don’t necessarily reflect any facts because that is what it’s intent is.  If you are scared after watching it, you’ve taken it hook, line, and sinker.  The claims made in these movies are outrageous but some people, actually the Millions Against Monsanto haven’t figured out how to take a skeptical look at it.

Can your Rose Catch Your Cold? The Threat of a Killer Viral Plant Gene is the Latest Anti-GMO Rant

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“Monsanto Has Bought the Government!”

As soon as someone utters, “Monsanto.” You know these folks have not done their due diligence in researching out the truth of the matter.  These are the same people that believe in the big pharma conspiracy and chemtrails.  Monsanto has become the straw man of sorts for them and the big bogey man of evil.  It’s really quite sad that they keep dropping the M bomb not realizing they’ve automatically invalidated their whole stance against GMOs.  Even Senator Brian Schatz and Representative Tulsi Gabbard joined in on this.

Exposing the Anti-GMO Legal Machine: The Real Story behind the So Called Monsanto Protection Act

Argumentum ad Monsantium

I Love Monsanto *note on language*

“Anyone Who Supports GMOs are paid!”

When the anti-GMO club has no other arguments left, they will cry this out.  (By the way, I received NO money in any form or fashion to blog any of this, even though it would be nice.  I am just losing patience for the crazy things being said by lots of people and it’s time to lead them to real information.)  When anyone does the cry’er o shill bit, it simply means they have no facts, evidence, or anything else to support their stance.

Shill Gambit-RationalWiki

Why Calling Someone A Shill Betrays the Weakness of Your Position and Your Inability to Defend it

Logical Fallacies-The Shill Gambit

“Stop messing with nature!”

Let’s face it, farming is not natural.  Nature isn’t feeding us and humans have been tinkering with nature for since 10,000 B.C.  It shouldn’t be surprising, but it is, that we have advanced so far with the growing of food.  Wikipedia has a great source of the history of agriculture that you can read through.

We’ve also had great advances in agriculture also in the last century that has revolutionized the world.  One key person that few people know of is Norman Borlaug.  He is the father of the Green Revolution that changed how we grow things more efficiently.  No longer do the majority of people have to grow food, but it has made farmers look towards more efficient ways of farming to minimize their environmental impact.  This is why farmers keep stating the phrase, “Feed the world!”  The 1 to 2% of the population is feeding the majority because of technological innovations.

When technology advances far faster than the average person can follow, we have a huge population who have little to no clue as to what has been happening.  In an attempt to bring those who want to learn up to speed, here are some of my favorite resources about understanding evidence based science and genetics.

The Scientific Method by Science Made Simple

Are GMOs Safe? Independent Science Organizations Weigh In

Massive Review Reveals Consensus on GMO Safety

What is DNA?

What is a Gene?

Norman Borlaug: A Lifetime of Fighting Hunger

Greatest Man to Ever Live: Norman Borlaug *note on language*

As you can see, the issues surrounding GMOs has really become a mangled mess of misinformation by people like the Babes Against Biotech and now the SHAKA Movement in Maui.  There’s a lot to learn about what’s being said and confusion as to know what the truth is.  If you notice carefully, I do not put sites like Sustainable Pulse, a Babes Against Biotech favorite propaganda site with cherry picked information, or Natural News.  Nor do I use Real Farmacy, Dr. Mercola, Green Med Info, Natural Cures Not Medicine, and so on, as they all use cherry picked info to get you to believe in the fear around this technology.  Even science sounding sites like Earth Open Source and the Union of Concerned Scientists are another bunch of fear mongers out to scare you.

If you got your information from a meme on Facebook, don’t just believe it.  Research it but do it right.  Google works wonders if you know how to use it.  If you’re wondering about something being posted, add the word “debunk” to it and you will see a different picture.  The first clue to know you’re being taken for a ride is to ask yourself if what you read scares you.  If so, do your homework and research it out more and avoid the sites listed above.  End the fear and paranoia with real knowledge by doing your homework!

If you still are afraid of GMOs after reading this, ask yourself if you’re afraid to eat a banana.  That indeed is a modified organism and have you turned into a banana today?